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 .50-110 ammo...
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Posted - 01/26/2006 :  4:23:07 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I'm wondering if there is anything special about some old Winchester ammunition for the .50-110 Winchester 1886 rifle.

Got a lot of it on hand.

There are two interesting variants, both shoots great and consistent.

The first one is marked :
".50-110 Winchester Smokeless Soft Point" and "Staynless" (missprint for stainless???)
It's 300 grain US made, in cardboard boxes and a label to seal it off.
20 cartridges per box.

The second one is very similar:
Also a 20 count cardboard box and paper label.
Marked ".50-110-300 Winchester Express, model 1886" and "Cartridges for model 1886"
110 grain powder and 300 grain projectile.

Was only wondering, as I have a Browing made - "Winchester 1886" lever action and a lot of ammo on hand.
I have shot it extencively on my last stay in Denmark.

perry shooter
Advanced Member

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Posted - 01/26/2006 :  4:52:03 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I bet you would not be shooting it if you knew what it would sell for and the spelling is not mis-spelled that is a word winchester used. You can even sell the empty boxes.
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Posted - 01/26/2006 :  5:17:38 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Talk to "ICONOCLAST" our resident Ammo Expert....He's Moderator of the Wanted Portion of the Forums.............

Captain Kirk, Tech Staff<P><BR> Moderator
The Largest Auction Gun Store Online including Pistols, Shotguns, and Rifles
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Posted - 01/26/2006 :  5:18:36 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
How much do you have? Pictures? Wincheter stuff brings big bucks on this side of the pond. "Staynless" refers to the non-corrosive priming compound.
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Advanced Member

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Posted - 01/26/2006 :  5:26:21 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Ehh, about 1900 rounds of the first variant, and 800 of the other.

There is a difference between the two.

The first is in a lightbrown cardboard box, with orange/red label.
The second is also in a lightbrown box, but with a blue label.
Only a few packages are opened.

We've shot about 400 rounds of the lot.

I'm thinking of buying the rifle and little over 3000 rounds.
There are some brand new ones too, don't remember what brand.

Sorry, didn't bring my camera..
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perry shooter
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Posted - 01/26/2006 :  7:45:56 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
WoW you have probably 50% of the free worlds supply . My suggestion is to put one box on each auction site and if you sell it all buy a new car of your dreams. I don't really think it will pay for a car but who knows. I bet you can $20.00 U.S on fleabay for an empty box.
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Posted - 01/26/2006 :  7:58:25 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
It's from a collector and former dealer in Denmark....

Seems I have to buy the lot anyhoo then...
Thanks for the advice though =o)

Edited by - HappyNanoq on 01/26/2006 7:58:53 PM
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Bert H.

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Posted - 01/27/2006 :  01:58:31 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello HappyNanoq...

STOP shooting that ammo!!!! A full unopened box of original Winchester .50-110 cartridges is worth BIG BUCKS!!! As Perry mentioned, you have 50% of the know surviving original loaded cartridges. If you truly have 3000 original cartridges, it is worth close to $30,000. Please post a few photos of it, and then consider selling some of it. Moderator

The Largest Auction Gun Store Online including Pistols, Shotguns, and Rifles

Bert H. -

Real Men own and shoot a WINCHESTER Single-Shot!

Edited by - Bert H. on 01/27/2006 02:03:49 AM
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Advanced Member

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Posted - 01/27/2006 :  06:36:36 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I haven't bought the rifle and ammo yet, but if it's worth that kind of money - I can get it insanely cheap. (my offer was approx 2.600 USdollars for the rifle and ammo if I calculated the exchangerates correctly.)

It's a friend who owns the rifle, and he was willing to let it go to me - otherwise he wouldn't sell it. He and I have never cheated eachoder in deals, but always been fair and square.
Since he finds me several good deals, I'd like to keep it that way.

The rifle and ammo is in Denmark right now, and I just recently moved back to Greenland, but I was in Denmark from 10th to 23rd of january.

We have shot that rifle on previous occations with whatever ammo was close at hand and also while I was in Dk this time.
We shot both the old looking and fairly new stuff.

The rifle is not old - it's a Browning made "Winchester 1886" to commemorate it's 100th jubilee (if I heard it correctly.), made around 1986, so it's a modern gun.

He, as an importer and person who likes to scratch and scrounge up every little piece of ammo and accesory there is, has quite a stock on hand. He makes deals all over europe and partially in the US.
I guess that's why he has all that.

I was in Denmark to arrange the movers to empty out my apartment, so didn't (durnit) bring my camera as I was only in Denmark for a planned 10 day period.
Would have loved to show pictures of it all or his collection.

He also got an all original .55Boyz Anti-Armour rifle with about 2.000 cartridges, military issue.
He offered me that rifle and all the ammo he had for about the same amount ad the Winchester 1886.

He told me, if I bought any of the rifles, I'd be equipped to hunt any big game there is.
I'm not sure about that, as it doesn't feel that bad.
But ok, I've shot max pressure loads in 45-70 that should (theoretically) shoot through and through musk-oxes.

But again - yes, it shoots great.
And I would love to hunt reindeer or musk-oxes with it, it's slightly overkill for seal. (and maybe reindeer)

As I heard it, it's still only the 300 grain versions of the .50-110, so it's not as interesting as the 400-something and 500-550 grain versions.

But yes, it is original Winchester as far as I can see.
I will try to search for a picture of it.

All I have is a picture of my girlfriend in Denmark, shooting it.
Haven't got anything in detail of it other than that
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Posted - 01/27/2006 :  8:17:19 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Well, how about a picture of your girlfriend shooting it?? Tom

Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who don't.
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