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Posted - 04/18/2006 :  01:20:15 AM  Show Profile
Looking at kleinguenther Voere Shikar 30.06 made in Germany. Requesting any information and estimated value please

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Posted - 04/18/2006 :  08:57:48 AM  Show Profile
I have a Kleinguenther K14 in 7mm Rem Mag. They are great guns. My understanding is that Voere made the actual rifle (Voere was bought out by Mauser) and that Robert Kleinguenther in Seguin Texas customized them with glass bedding etc. Kleinguenther sold the company to KDF industries. I don't know if they still market rifles. Mine has the best trigger I have ever used and with the Zeiss Conquest scope I have on it will give me a 2 inch pattern at 100 yards. Sorry but I have no idea as to value.


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Posted - 04/18/2006 :  10:05:43 AM  Show Profile
A friend has 2, a 7mm mag. and a 300 mag. He likes them very much. I believe he paid 600.00 for one and 650.00 for the other.
Hope this helps.

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Posted - 04/18/2006 :  10:53:31 AM  Show Profile
I have a Kleinguenther K14, 300 WIN., and a Voere Shikar, 30-06. They are really nice rifles and I like them very much. The relationship between the two is obvious. I bought the K14 for $550 and the Voere for about $450, I think. I would rate both purchases as outstanding buys for the price. Some Kleinguenther rifles are really fancy with a price tag to match; I don't own one of those.

J. Patrick Tatum
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Posted - 04/18/2006 :  1:26:49 PM  Show Profile
Can't comment on the value, only on the history of the German made Voere's. They, according to my reference were only produced for a limited time in Germany.

After less then 10 years in production they were sold ( 1976 ) to a firm in Austria who continued in production under their name and then produced the rifles as the Mauser Model 99 starting in 1987.

If the German made Voere your thinking about buying is in factory original condition? It might have some collectors value, seeing it was only made for a limited time and has been out of production for some 30 years.

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Posted - 10/31/2006 :  11:56:59 AM  Show Profile
Got a 30-06 Kleinguenther, Seguin , tex.
Voere Vohrenbach, germany. early 1970.
2 pin trigger and 2 wood(crosse) one for exposition and one for hunting.
Very very very good condition. Family fire arm.
Give me a price.
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Posted - 10/31/2006 :  12:19:13 PM  Show Profile
It is very difficult to give an estimated value for a Kleingunther, as they were essentially custom rifles. As an example, if the action has ever been removed from the stock the accuracy warranty is void. I would suggest that you search this site to see what they have sold for in the past. The Blue Book says that a 90% K-14 should go fot $525.

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Posted - 11/01/2006 :  10:53:55 AM  Show Profile

Originally there were 3 models released by Voere before Bob kleinguenther took over distribution:

M2130A = Amereican version in .243 Win. and .270 Win.

M2130M = Magnum .300 Win. Mag. and the .308 Norma Mag.

M2130E = European in various metric calibers.

Bob Kleinguenther took over distribution from L.A. Distributors and handled the original models of the Voere Shikars. He intervened with the manufacturer asking for engineering changes and got them. This then became the K-14 Instafire (M2145) model in 1973. He then worked on each individual rifle before it went up for sale. The work he did involved accurizing the entire rifle which he sold with an accuracy guarantee a novel idea at the time. But as pointed out, removing the rifle from the stock invalidated the guarantee.

I have an original Shikar and one of the K-14's and both shoot equally well for hunting rifles. The accurizing done by Kleinguenther amounted to a bedding job and test firing. The 'K' stood for Kleinguenther, '14' for the project number and Kleinguenther added the 'Instafire' as an allusion to the fast lock time.

I've had the pleasure of restoring a couple of these rifles after rescuing them from careless owners. All of the Shikars that I've seen have been stocked with some of the best straight grained walnut available at the time. Usually they had a Rosewood forend tip separated from the stock by a while line spacer.

Values for these rifles is all over the board with some in sorry shape going for as little as $200.00 and a very few being offered repeatedly at nearly $1000.00 with no takers. The more common K-14 prices seem to be around $400.00 and up for the standard calibers and a premium charge of up to $695.00 for the magnums calibers.

If you really want to read up on these rifles, get a copy of Stuart Otteson's book "The Bolt Action" Vol II where both rifles are dissected and a full report given including a detailed history.


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Posted - 02/12/2009 :  3:06:06 PM  Show Profile
I own a Kleinguenther K-14 in 270 Weatherby magnum. I have owned several K-14's and K-15's over the years and this one is my favorite.
I have found lots of misinformation on the web concerning Voere, Robert Kleinguenther, information on KDF rifles etc..Soooooo to set the record straight here is some of the right info and I knew "Bob" personally as a friend of my father as well as his business since the beginning. He did a lot of custom work for me in the 70's
I have lots of info but this is the short version of what I know to be fact from other sources.
If you may have any particular questions mail me at xring1@yahoo

Kleinguenther Distinctive Firearms (KDF) was incorporated in 1970 in Seguin, TX.
Bob Kleinguenther convinced Voere (Veery) of Vohrenvach,Germany that their rifle model, the Shikar, was not going to be successful and that he and they should set about designing a new rifle to be marketed by KDF in the U.S. Contrary to some information Bob Kleinguenther was the sole designer and developer of the KDF rifles
In 1972, the design was approve and sent to production with a model number of K-14 for Kleinguenther project number 14. In Europe it was referred to as M2145. About 7,000 rifles were produced between 1973 and 1977 with final sales taking place as late as 1978.

The bolt has 3 lugs with the extractor machined into the side of one on the lugs similar to a Sako extractor except for this placement. The lugs are the same O.D as the bolt body and fit into a threaded locking insert that is press fit into the front of the receiver body. The barrel threads into this insert.
The barrel threads are same as a large ring Mauser 1.100" x 12 TPI. Which makes changing to any barrel threaded for M98 Mauser a snap. This rifle utilizes a version of the 'drop box magazine'.
It has an excellent adjustable trigger which also contains the function of a bolt stop. With the rifle completely unloaded, open the bolt and pull back on the trigger which lowers a plunger type stop that rides in a slot in the bolt. The bolt can then be fully removed.

An interesting aside; every K-14 that Bob Kleinguenther received from Germany was disassembled and he personally bedded and accurized each and every one and was sold with test target and load information. All guns were sub MOA

VOERE history

Robert Kleinguenther history

Robert Kleinguenther obituary

Edited by - longclip on 02/12/2009 3:16:02 PM
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Posted - 03/16/2009 :  12:52:19 PM  Show Profile
I have a Kleinguenther K15 in 375 H&H at 95% with a lyman dot scope. I am told this rifle in this rare caliber is worth between 1200 and 1500 especially since the mounts and rings are so hard to get and the caliber. The action is very smooth and the adjustable trigger is superb.
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Posted - 03/30/2009 :  8:07:43 PM  Show Profile
I have a Voere Shikar made in 1967 in .270 win. This is the best rifle I have, and I have Tikka's, Rems, Wins, and a 1896 Lee-Enfield LEC1. It shoots under 1" at 100 yards with factory ammo. It really likes Winchester 150 grain ammo. Lately I have been shooting the least expensive ammo I can find and it still puts them under an inch. I found that with cheap ammo the animal is dead, and with expensive ammo they are also dead. So when they fall over dead with 1 or 2 shots I might-as-well save some money. The farthest shots have been 350 yards with an 8 point moose falling over with 2 shots, and 2 elk at 250 yards with 2 shots. The deer only need 1 shot at under 200 yards. Shot placement is the most important thing and with my old Voere it places the lead just fine.
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