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 Remington 742?
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Posted - 09/22/2006 :  12:35:20 PM  Show Profile
I've heard the rumors, but I've got a 742 in 30-06 offered to me at $300. It has had very few shots fired through it, something around 20 rounds. It isn't legal to deer hunt with here, so my question is does this have any value besides a hunting weapon?

New Member

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Posted - 09/22/2006 :  12:46:47 PM  Show Profile
Many will claim that the 742 doesn't even have that. There seems to be many instances (so I've heard) of the rifle's action literally chewing itself up due to being made of stamped parts, and having loose tolerances. Having said that, I bought mine new in 1974, and have never experienced a single problem with it. I do admit to being rather anal about cleaning and caring for my equipment, however.

Ahlman's in Morristown, MN. actually does a conversion on these semi-autos, turning them into pump guns similar to Remington's model 760. See
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Posted - 09/22/2006 :  1:37:37 PM  Show Profile
so my question is does this have any value besides a hunting weapon?

Nope. I wouldn't give him 300. If I just had to have it maybe in the ballpark of 200 to 250 tops. But I wouldn't buy it just as a investment gun.
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Posted - 09/23/2006 :  12:39:56 PM  Show Profile
I sold mine with a 4x weaver to someone on this board for $175. Im happy-hes happy.
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Posted - 09/24/2006 :  11:20:15 AM  Show Profile
They are handy little guns for brush hunting, though you would be hard pressed to classify it as a collectible.
The "problem" they have is inside the top of the receiver; it starts to scrape out the metal above the bolt, then almost imperceptibly starts to grind down the interior of the receiver until it suddenly won't cycle twice, then at all.
Friend of mine has one that we experimented on with some J-B weld, filling in the cavity left by the removal of the metal, smoothing it into all the craters; still shoots as well as ever, and if it ever hangs up again-we know how to get it running again.

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Posted - 09/24/2006 :  12:53:38 PM  Show Profile
Remington will not repair these guns. $300.00 sounds like a load.

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New Caledonia
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Posted - 09/24/2006 :  5:49:03 PM  Show Profile
Crawdog, Thanks for the link! I have a "problem" 742 in 6mm that I want that done to.

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Posted - 09/25/2006 :  7:09:11 PM  Show Profile
Don't do it. If you get a bad one, you're stuck. From calls to my shop, there are still a lot of bad ones out there.

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Posted - 09/25/2006 :  8:53:55 PM  Show Profile
I used a 742 for about 10 years,shot it a lot and kept it spotless clean.At the range for a pre-season sight in I shot at the target and the bolt locked to the rear.I took the trigger group out and bumped the bolt with a screwdriver and it slammed home.Next shot same problem.I thought weak spring or some small problem so I will take it to a real gunsmith.The real gunsmith said he had never seen that problem(This was about 15 years ago) and sent it to Remington.When it came back it had a new reciever and several other new parts and a bill that would have bought one and a half new 742s.When I called Remington about the problem and bill,they pretty much told me too bad you were stupid enough to buy a POS like a 742.Remington lost a customer forever that day.
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Advanced Member

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Posted - 09/26/2006 :  01:05:56 AM  Show Profile
Not to dwell on the 742 bashing, BUT the 742 wears out everytime you take a shot. I don't care how well you keep it clean and oiled. The rails are soft compared to the bolts harder metal. The two just don't go together. Keeping it cleaned and oiled certainly helps, but doesn't prevent it from wearing.

Having said that, I've owned a 742 and it gave me zero problems. And for most that treat the 742 like the hunting rifle that it is and only put 20rds. through it a year, then it will last a person their lifetime. If you treat it like an SKS, it's not a matter of if it will give you trouble, but when will you have feeding problems.

If you are able to inspect the rifle in person before buying, you can look at the rails and tell if it has plenty of life left. There are not many guns I won't buy online, sight unseen, but this is one of them. I've seen MINT, on the outside, 742's that had some of the most chewed up rails in them. You really take a chance if you can't inspect before buying, because if it does have problems your stuck (aside from some of the temporary "fixes").

Sorry, I guess I did dwell on them.


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New Member

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Posted - 10/02/2006 :  6:42:27 PM  Show Profile
I have one, love it. I have a friend that has one, and he sold it back to Remington on their trade offer, for about 300.00 or so, and got a 7400 series rifle. One of the issues is that the bolt hammers the lock ring loose and the barrel tips forward a minor bit and it machines itself to death. I have a very decent specimen and it functions flawlessly. It will probably last me all of my days. I have considered trading it back to Remington, as they want the 742 off the streets. When they finally lock up they generally have managed to strip another round off the stack and get it loaded and locked. Won't fire, but won't unload. Dangerous situation to have to deal with. My buddy down in the SE corner of the state had a sighting issue that was frustrating. It will allow the groups to shrink down to about two and then next second they would be out to six inches again.He like me is very fastidious about keeping it MOA, and always less than an Inch at a 100 yards, and his would not do that reliably. When we stripped it down, we found the barrel loose in the action and no parts available to fix it. He traded it off at a gun show for something akin to my Mauser large ring that filled his tag that year. Look it over very well, and have a gunsmith look at it also. Base the decision on not buying an heirloom and you will do okay.
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