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 CZ 550 Varmint accuracy
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Posted - 10/01/2006 :  10:02:38 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I took my brand new 550 Varmint out to the range today. I'm kinda disapointed on the accuracy of this rifle. I mounted a Millet 6-25X56mm mil-dot with 30mm tube on top using Burris Posi-align rings. The only ammo I have on hand is some Federal Power-Shok 150gr. soft point cartidges I got at Walmart for my M70 Winchester for deer. The M70 shoots better groups at 100 yards than the CZ using the same ammo.

I know the CZ is capable of alot better than 1 3/4" groups at 100 yards.

Is there anyone out there with any info on what ammo works for the CZ or any reloading suggestions. What kinda twist rate does CZ use for their barrels? I can't find any info at their web site. I haven't any 308 Win. dies yet but, planning to get some ordered this week.

I know there's got to be someone out there with the same type rifle that has come up with some good loads.




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Posted - 10/01/2006 :  10:17:26 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Federal Power Shok is not renowned for its accuracy, rather for its low price! I would try some match grade ammo in the rifle, I bet you have much better results. I load Nosler 168 grain competition bullets with Winchester 748 powder and get dime size groups from my Savage heavy barrel 308.

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Posted - 10/01/2006 :  10:25:28 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote


Ammo .308 Win
Magazine capacity 4
Magazine type Detachable
Rate of twist 1:12 in.

Choices are usually made by determining what you intend to do with your rifle. Factory ammunition isn't generally known for consistant accuracy from rifle to rifle. The problem is usually the chamber and the length of the throat. You have to test each individual rifle for the type of bullet and the particular powder that it wants to shoot the best. The 1:12" twist will handle anything in the weight range of up to and including the 180 gr. hunting bullets. But the .308 Win. may perform better with something lighter like a 165 gr. or 175 gr., you never know. That's why we have to test.

Make sure your mounts and rings are tight and that you don't have any parallax in your scope.


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Posted - 10/02/2006 :  01:22:26 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Maybe this will be a good day after all.

I just hit the range with my just bought CZ 550 in 308 Winchester. Don't know if you have the Kevlar, but that's what I bought - and have a 6 to 24X scope also. What a pain in the fanny finding 30mm CZ rings. Got the Millets, still waiting for Warnes to arrive.

Anyway, I loaded Speer Moly 168 BTHP, Sierra 168 MatchKing 168 BTHP and Hornady AMax in 168 BTHP. Used 42.0 of RL15 and got very boring 3 holes touching all day long @ 100 yds. I plan on trying out some IMR 4064 & the 4895s (IMR & Hodgden) with the 168s & Hornadys 155 grn Palma. Should get excellent results with those loads if past experience with the Win 70 & Rem 40X are any indication.

I did notice getting on paper with the 147 "el cheapo" FMJ was not very encouraging - way different point of impact from the 168 and terrible groups. The 42 of RL15 is a fairly mild load & hits much lower.

I've not tried 190 BTHPs, can't say that they'll work well or not. Since the 168s do so well my guess is yes.

I'm sure with reloads you'll be drilling sub MOA easily.

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Posted - 10/02/2006 :  08:00:04 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Mine shoots Remington 150 gr in under an inch groups. Also my FS 550 shoots 150 gr Remington in under an inch. I have not had a chance to shoot the 9.3x62 yet. Had to send it back because could not zero scope. CZ sent me a new rifle zeroed with 286 gr stuff. Am picking up a FS 7x57 today. Expect it to shoot something under an inch. Point being, these guns will shoot good.If you continue to have difficulty, call CZ in KS and discuss with them.
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Posted - 10/02/2006 :  08:21:06 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I would make sure to go through the barrel break-in. Change ammo to match grade. Try Black Hills if you haven't already. Better yet, go with handloads. I use 42 gr. of RE15 with a 168 gr. Sierra for my loads in .308.

Also of note here is the Millet scope you are using has a high propensity to be difficult to get the parallax out of. If you have another scope that you know you can shoot well put it on and see what it does if it doesn't start to work out.

Of the CZ's I've shot and own(ed) none were inaccurate. -good luck

Every shot serves a purpose, whether accurate or inaccurate. It will always tell you what you did, and did not do, right. Even if all you have is a fraction of a second to make it, learn from it. So the next one is even better.
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Posted - 10/03/2006 :  04:40:51 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
change ammo.
use federal gold medal or black hills 168gr match
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Posted - 10/03/2006 :  10:23:33 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
44.5gr of Varget under a 168gr pill with a 210m primer.

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Posted - 09/03/2007 :  10:17:28 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
have a standard 550 in 30/06. They both like factory federal sierra 165 spbt or 150gr Hornady SST's with 59 gr H4350 fed match primer in Norma brass. Typically shoots 5 shots groups under 2" at 275 yds. The chambers are tight though and some factory ammo wont go so, it is particularly tight chambered. I will concure that I have had very poor accuracy with the cheap federal ammo. Really bad, like 6" at 100 yards.
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Posted - 09/03/2007 :  5:11:06 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
i've been loading for my friends' CZ 550 varmint in 308 recently. 42.5 grains of 3031 behind a nosler 150 ballistic tip in remington cases and federal primers for pronghorn has been giving him 3/4" at 100 yds.

he doesn't varmint hunt, just target and for deer/pronghorn this fall.

are you using set trigger?
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