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 redfield scope repair
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Posted - 12/02/2009 :  01:20:14 AM  Show Profile
I have a chance to buy a very nice old Redfield 4-12. scope was made in Denver. Scope is very, very nice other than 1 thing. There is a slight haze on the inside of the objective lense. I am wondering if this scope would be worth buying and fixing, and where I would send the scope too to get it repaired. Price is $145 for the scope the way it is. it is very useable as is, but would like to get the haze taken care of and just have the scope refurbished. Thanks

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Posted - 12/02/2009 :  07:17:13 AM  Show Profile
With the exception of a few rare classics & military scopes, most used optics have little value. That's especially true if they have "problems". But, it's your money.

Scope Repair
(Updated 10/09)

George Kohl/Precision Optics
(Weaver 330 series, M84)

Parsons Scope Service
PO Box 192
Ross, OH 45061
(Restoration of old scopes)

Burrell at Sullivan's Classic Arms
(Weaver 330 series, M81/82, M84, German ZF-4, ZF-41)

(lens delamination, crosshairs)

Iron Sight, Inc.
3324 S 76th Ave. W
Tulsa, OK
Attn: Mike Sexton
918-445-2286" target="_blank">

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Posted - 12/02/2009 :  07:22:22 AM  Show Profile
I would have to agree with the other posters. You would be better off looking for another scope. Redfield went belly up and the company that bought them out does not warranty the old scopess built by the orginal company . It could be very expensive to have it reworked .I have an old redfield wideview that i loved ,sadly a fall seems to have broken something internally . Estimates have run from 50 dollars to well we willl call you when we know what is wrong . Gonna take the money and put it towards a new burris.

don't pick a fight with an old man ,if he is to old to fight he will just shoot you
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Posted - 12/02/2009 :  07:24:17 AM  Show Profile

That's a good list to keep close by for reference...

Leupold/Stevens bought the Redfield company so it might be worth a phone call or e-mail to Leupold to ask that question about getting your scope repaired.

"April 24th, 2008 David King - King's Outdoor World

I have always enjoyed a good Leupold brand scope and they have been a great supporter of King's and Hunting Illustrated. Leupold is currently one of our sponsors for our King's ShadowCamo photo contest. I saw this press release and read it with interest:

Leupoldr & Stevens Announces Purchase of The Redfieldr Brand

BEAVERTON, Ore. -Leupoldr & Stevens, Inc. announces the purchase of the Redfieldr brand including all intellectual property and associated assets.

Redfield was originally founded in 1909, and spent many decades as a leading U.S. producer of riflescopes, spotting scopes, riflescope mounting systems and binoculars until it closed in 1998. The Redfield brand subsequently changed hands several times, before being acquired by Meade Instruments, from whom Leupold & Stevens made the acquisition.

Tom Fruechtel, President and CEO of Leupold & Stevens, declined to discuss the purchase price or plans for the Redfield brand under Leupold ownership, but did state: "Leupold & Stevens is pleased to have had the opportunity to acquire one of America's leading sporting goods brands. For half a century, Leupold respected Redfield as a leading innovator and competitor in the sports optics industry. The opportunity for Leupold to rescue this American brand from dormancy could not be missed. As we carefully consider how to proceed, we will be very cognizant of Redfield's historical significance and the position it fills in the hearts of millions of dedicated American Sportsmen."

Leupold & Stevens, Inc., is the leading American-owned and -operated optics company, employs more than 650 people in its state-of-the-art Beaverton, Ore., facility where rugged, dependable, high-performance Golden Ringr sports optics are designed, machined and assembled. Leupold is a fifth-generation, family-owned company. Winner of the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers Accessory Manufacturer of the Year award for both 2006 and 2007, Leupold's products are sold worldwide to hunters, wildlife observers, competitive shooters, law enforcement officers and special operations military personnel. The product line includes rifle, handgun and spotting scopes; binoculars; rangefinders; flashlights; mounting systems; and optical tools and accessories.


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Posted - 12/02/2009 :  08:06:22 AM  Show Profile
nononsense, that is some interesting reading you posted, and nmyers that is a real useful list as nononsense mentioned. I'm gonna have to figure out how to save that to my computer. I believe I'll e-mail a couple of them and see if I can't get a ball-park figure of what it would take to fix up. It really is a nice scope other than the haze. I gotta believe it would be worth fixing. Shute, it I put a hundred bucks in it, and paid 145, I would still only have $245 in it. I'm thinking that is still cheap for an american made scope from the 70's time frame. I understand Burris top notch. I wouldn't dispute that at all, but I kind of liken it to fixing up an old classic car. You look at an old 32 Ford for example, and you almost feel pity for something like that going to waste, so you spend thousands of dollars restoring it, and when you're done, you'ver got one fine ride. It's not much different with an old redfield scope, except we're talking, maybe a hundred bucks or slightly more as opposed to several thousand. Am I making sense, or have I lost my mind?
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Posted - 12/02/2009 :  08:39:49 AM  Show Profile
these people did a Redfield for me Cost about 125 with shipping
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Posted - 12/02/2009 :  09:44:14 AM  Show Profile
+1 on golferboy's post. They will fix about anything.

Edited by - Ambrose on 12/02/2009 09:44:42 AM
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Posted - 12/02/2009 :  11:03:26 AM  Show Profile
Thanks golferboy426 and ambrose. I will get in touch with them directly. Your help is much appreciated. I was telling some people that I am with that have never heard of GunBroker, that I didn't care what the question is or what firearm it's about, somebody on GunBroker will have an answer. I told them they may be able to stump one or two people there, but there's so much knowledge by so many people that are regulars on here, that there's no way you can ask any question and not get at least one, and most times several people answering
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the yooper
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Posted - 12/02/2009 :  11:17:50 AM  Show Profile
Thanks nmyers and golferboy. Scope repair firms are always handy to have access to. I've got a Leupold in to the factory for a reticule change now, but other than Leupold for factory service I wasn't aware of any others.
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Posted - 12/02/2009 :  11:51:17 AM  Show Profile
Hadjii (and anyone interested):

On top of your computer page is a column header marked [Favorites] or something similar. While you are still on this page, click on the favorites word, and record this page. In the future you can recall this very forum page for future reference by simply clicking on the 'favorites' word again. The word may be different for other users, as mine is Windws format. Best, Joe

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Posted - 12/02/2009 :  7:09:55 PM  Show Profile
From the new Redfield WWW site:

Warranty Information
When Leupold purchased Redfield in April, 2008, Leupold did not assume the Redfield warranty. Because many Redfield customers have contacted Leupold with regard to the former Redfield warranty, Leupold is making this information available to Redfield optics owners.

At this time, two Redfield repair facilities are available should your Redfield product require service: ABO USA Inc (305-859-2010) and Iron Sight Inc (918-445-2001). The contacts provided are for information purposes only, as ABO Inc. and Iron Sight Inc. are not affiliated with Leupold & Stevens. Please contact them for all information regarding repair, service, and associated charges.


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