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 Shultze & Larsen
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Posted - 10/06/2010 :  9:35:55 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have a chance to pick up a Schultz & Larsen Model 60 Chambered in 7x61 Sharp & Hart . The rifle is in 99% condition (possibly unfired) can any one give me an idea as to the value of this rifle ? Thanks guys !

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Posted - 10/06/2010 :  10:09:25 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I cant give you a price / value. But see if nononsense replies to this question . I have gotten Mixed reviews on the Shultze & Larsen Rifle "type of bolt locking lug" as well as THIS CARTRIDGE.
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Posted - 10/07/2010 :  06:51:34 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Although a fine looking rifle (and often very good workmanship) the S&L older models all suffer from WIDE tolerances in chambers (especially the 7x61S&H caliber)

The Bolt mechanisms on the Model 60 are a bit strange, but to my knowledge the Model 60 is not one of the really strange ones from this Danish Rifle-maker

Quite HOW this would affect the value of such a rifle in 99% condition, I have no idea..

One thin g to bear in mind is that this rifle make has some very dedicated followers!! They may be willing to pay well for a prime condition model 60 which has seen very little use.

The old S&L factory in Otterup, Denmark went bankrupt years ago, but one of the best of the engineers from the old firm bought the brand-name and the 100+ year old Steyr Cut-rifling machines, and set up the new "S&L production" and they make absolutely STUNNING and precise rifles and precision barrels (I have 2 barrels myself, and they are Benchrest accurate!)

The new S&L model 97 model with barrel exchange is a VERY nice rifle!

The new company suffers from one serious problem though... their delivery "delays" on custom rifles and barrels are silly... 6 months wait is not unusual...

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Posted - 10/07/2010 :  11:42:44 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have one but I can not remember if it is the model 60. It is a really good rifle. The 7x61 is very similar to the 7mm Rem. Mag. I bought mine on GB a few years ago and I can not remember what I paid for it, at least $500 I'm sure. It is one of my better buys.

J. Patrick Tatum
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Posted - 10/09/2010 :  08:49:32 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I will once again state that I usually pay no attention whatsoever to 'values' of firearms per se. Most 'values' are stilted, no matter if they come from the sold prices or the asking prices. If you want to afford the rifle and feel that it has value at the price offered, buy it with confidence.

I will defer to our Danish expert with regard to the opinions offered since these rifles were and are being manufactured in his homeland.

My personal experience with several dozen of these rifles and models has always been a pleasant surprise. Accuracy was acceptable by hunting standards, the wood quality and metal to wood fit was acceptable for a factory offering and I love the 7x61 S&H Super as a cartridge.

The usual argument against S&L rifles has been the rear locking lugs which many complain features bolt flexing. Well, so did the Rem. M788 and it is touted as being one of the very best, most accurate, affordable rifles ever built. Go figure...

I wouldn't hesitate to buy either the rifle or the cartridge. Ammunition is available from Norma and yes, it is expensive but so is everything these days. It's a hunting rifle, get over it or learn to reload. Huntington's has the brass and the RCBS dies but there are other die makers also.

I'm building one to prove a point to the longer range guys who are big supporters of the non-belted cases. I live to be contrary...

From another source:

"The 7x61 S&H (Sharpe & Hart) was inspired by the 7x61 MAS M1907 cartridge and designed by Philip B. Sharpe, Richard F. Hart, and Richard Ditchburn (from the USA) in 1949 (based on the 300 H&H cartridge). It was for use in the Larsen M54J rifle. Norma produced the cartridge in 1953 (on a limited basis) for the the inventors in the USA market and received permission to produce the cartridge commercially in 1960. In 1967 Norma changed the "INTERNAL" case shape by reducing the case wall to increase the powder capacity and renamed the cartridge the "7x61 SUPER" (a/k/a 7x61 Magnum). So technically the 7x61 S&H and 7x61 SUPER are different Cartridges
Production continued on the 7x61 Super by Norma until 1976 and resumed from 1989 to 1996."


Edited by - nononsense on 10/10/2010 08:47:31 AM
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Posted - 10/10/2010 :  7:13:34 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The S&L is one great rifle. What the nay-sayers don't tell you is that Roy Weatherby used that action on his heaviest caliber prior to the design of the MK-5. They found no problems with the rear lugs.
I'm not sure where the change took place (possibly the 60) but the early ones were a cock on closing. The 65 and 68DL were cock on opening.
I currently have a S&L 68Dl in 7mm Rem mag that I'll be putting up for sale. I consider it better than the 7x61 only because its available anywhere and does not require handloading if you are in a pinch.

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