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 10/22 clips
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New Member

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Posted - 12/03/2017 :  09:16:42 AM  Show Profile
Can you use larger capacity banana clips in a gun made for the rotary clips?



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Posted - 12/03/2017 :  09:25:59 AM  Show Profile
Yes. I've had best luck with the Ruger factory 25 rounders. Other brands don't seem to function as reliably.
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Posted - 12/03/2017 :  10:40:06 AM  Show Profile
I have used Champion clear magazines without any problems, but they recommend the use a CCI, Federal or American Eagle ammo.
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Advanced Member

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Posted - 12/03/2017 :  12:51:34 PM  Show Profile
Originally posted by baaddawg

Can you use larger capacity banana clips in a gun made for the rotary clips?

The only mags that work in the 10-22 are rotary-style.
That said, steel lip mags are the most reliable/durable.

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Bill DeShivs
Senior Member

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Posted - 12/03/2017 :  2:36:54 PM  Show Profile
Rotary magazines are not the only ones that work in the 10-22.
As long as the feed & latching mechanisms are the same, any magazine will work.
Factory 25 rounders work best.

Bill DeShivs
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Advanced Member

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Posted - 12/03/2017 :  5:53:07 PM  Show Profile
I agree you will be happier with the Ruger 25, others in the distant past were hit or miss IMHO.
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Advanced Member

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Posted - 12/04/2017 :  09:00:45 AM  Show Profile
Butler creek made a "Hot Lips", steel feeding lips extended, single stack magazine that,. that worked reasonably well. I believe Eagle had one too. Yes they are magazines, as I know of no "clips", that will work with a 10/22.

Take a look at these auctions on the otherside...

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Advanced Member

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Posted - 12/04/2017 :  5:02:59 PM  Show Profile

I've never had a problem using Butler Creek 25 round magazines, the steel lips is best as the red lips tend to wear out quickly.

Also no issues with a 110 round GSG drum magazine https://www.{elsewhere}/product/

or the AMT Sanford 50 round drum magazine that are no longer made and seldom found for sale.

I've tried two of these ProMag 50 round drums and returned them both as they are junk IMO.

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Advanced Member

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Posted - 12/04/2017 :  5:31:07 PM  Show Profile
The old Ram-line 30 and 50 round mags do not have metal lips and they are total junk as well. There is a company that made/makes ones that have angle adjustment to them. They were available in different materials including metal. I bought several of the polymer ones and they worked great as well but now I just get the BX-25 ones.

The 10 round mags can be taken apart and cleaned with some care if needed.
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Senior Member

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Posted - 12/04/2017 :  10:31:53 PM  Show Profile
Prefer the 10 rounders myself... and I have more than a few.

That said, happy with the 2 Butler Creek steel lips mags I had for a while, until they were the only thing that work work with a buddy's bump-stocked 10/22 (worls class right there!). They are his now, and I have even more 10 rounders :)

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Laredo Lefty
Advanced Member

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Posted - 12/05/2017 :  03:26:08 AM  Show Profile
10-22's will use any magazine that is advertised to work in them.
I have 12 10 rounders and a bunch of Butler Creek 25 rounders. I seldom use the 10 shot mags and hunt with just the 25 shot plastic lip BC mags.

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