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 polychoke for 410???
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Posted - 09/02/2008 :  2:56:09 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hey, did anyone ever make a poly choke or c-lect choke or adjustable type choke for 410 shotguns? I've got a special project gun in mind... I know I can have screw-in's put in, and that mossberg made the screw ON choke, but I'm wondering about poly chokes or similar styles chokes? Whattya know? thanks...

Old hickory
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Posted - 09/02/2008 :  4:18:01 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Mossberg offered "C-Lect Choke" on the 183 bolt action iin the 50's and 60's It was a collet like polychoke that you turned. In most cases you do as well with no choke as you do with full in a .410 its pretty much a 17- 25 yard proposition. I love it for rabbits in heavy cover.
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only winchesters
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Posted - 09/02/2008 :  4:37:25 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello rmill: the Cutts Compenster was/is available. Made by Lyman. go to thier web page.

Regards Dave
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Horse Plains Drifter
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Posted - 09/03/2008 :  09:53:28 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have a Western Field(Mossberg I'm assuming)pump 410 that has a factory installed C-Lect choke on it.

81st FA BN WWII...Thanks Dad

CA #8....3%

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Posted - 09/11/2008 :  04:20:55 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I wouldn't bother to put a poly choke on a .410. There is not much that can be done to choke the barrel more than it already is. The way that the shot in the cartridge is laid (much longer than it is wider in diameter) makes for very poor patterns no matter what you do to change the choke. If your .410 does have a nice pattern, then you are lucky and you might as well leave it as it is.

I much prefer the 28 gauge for small game. The pattern is much better and there is a lot more shot. The 28 guage is lighter than the .410 and has about the same recoil as the .410.

I have 2 single shot .410 .... and I never use them. One is a Cooey (Winchester) that has a huge heavy barrel and the other one is a Remington that has a much finer lighter barrel.

I cut the barrel on the 28 gauge because full choke....not necessary where I hunt small game. The bush is too dense. All the shots are within 20 yards. Yes...the .410 would do fine but I use small shot (7 1/2) and the grouse up here have such thick feathers that I can shoot directly at the bird and only the shot that hits the neck, head, legs actually penetrate the birds. The .410 has such a bad pattern at 20 yards that often, the bird is only injured. Sure, I could use heavier shot....but then I would have to remove shot from the breast meat.

In my area of Quebec, grouse do not fly off when they see a person. They stay right on the ground. There are spruce grouse and ruffed grouse. There are only snowshoe hares and they also sit tight until we get within 10 feet of them. When they do run, they only run a few yards and stop.

Edited by - Dabluz on 09/11/2008 04:23:48 AM
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Posted - 09/11/2008 :  11:54:12 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Well, I've got a stevens single 410 someone cut the barrel off of at about 25 inches, so it has NO choke. I dove and pheasant hunt with my 410's and need SOME choke for those 35 yard shots, so I was gonna cut that barrel down to 19 inches and put a poly on 'cause they are so UGLY they look kinda cool... If I could have found one (an adjustable poly choke) it likely would have been cheaper than having Carlson's choke tubes put in AND would have made for an ugly AND adjustable choke system. THAT is why I wanted to do this... No, it's NOT the most sensible thing to do, no it's NOT the most popular thing to do, no it's NOT 'cool' to most people, but "Hey, I shoot and hunt with 410's (so I'm kind of weird anyway) and I like the old Stevens / Wards squareback pump shotguns and the Remington 81 rifles (both of which are supposably ugly guns) so it's a personal taste kinda thing"...
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