Almost messed up a good gun...and my day.

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Any of you guys who leave a gun in your shop, or outside somewhere for any length of time, be sure to check the barrel before shooting it. I just checked the Remington 870 I keep in my shop--loaded with number 4 buckshot. It had a dirtdobber nest in the barrel. Would not have been good had I fired it thinking it was as I had left it last summer.

After cleaning the nest out, I now will keep a peice of masking tape over the muzzle. Should have been doing that all along.



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    Mine all have styrafoam stoppers. Same experience. The masking tape will eventually ruin your blue, rafter.

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    Get some barrel condoms.

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    what in the hell is a " dirtdobber "

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    It is a type of Wasp.....

    I also use styrafoam covers.

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    The finish on the gun is parkerize, but I think I will take the tape off and go with a thin styrofoam plug. That sounds like a better idea.

    On the question on dirtdobbers; they are a type of wasp that build thier nests of mud. They love to make their nests in small spaces, such as in pipes, and in holes in equipment. I've had them build nests in my welder...and in the carberator of a weedeater. They can be quiet a pain.

    On their plus side, they stuff spiders in the nests for their young to feed on. I have broken open nests and found them full of black widows.

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    Good catch. Its a good reminder to check the barrels of every gun before you shoot it no matter how you left it.

    If all the wasps and spiders killed each other and there were neither left I wouldn't have a problem with it.[;)]

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    dirtdobber? Never heard of it.


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    quote:dirtdobber? Never heard of it

    It is the Texas state bird.[;)]
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    black widows? sounds like fun..


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    they're called muddaubers in my neck o' the woods, and they are some ferocious spider hunters. I crack their nests open and use their larvea for fishing bait. I know that they can sting, but I have never been or seen anyone get stung by one. Any of you guys ever see one sting someone.


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    Muddaubers are not aggressive at all. When I was a kid we used to bail hay in the summer and the barns were full of them. Never saw anyone get stung. Yellowjackets on the other hand will sting you if you get anywhere near their nest.

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    My mother would never let me mess with dirt daubers, because they kill spiders.

    Conversely, she would never let me mess with the big web weaving spiders because they kill wasps.

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