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Me and dano too wanted to wish all the good people of this forum, a very Happy and SAFE 2002!
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    Thank you, dano!The one of me that there is wishes you the very same, as well as a speedy recovery from your wounds and a prompt return to the service and protection of the citzenry which you (evidently) do with such zeal.This is, of course, assuming you haven't returned to duty already. If you have, I already feel safer :-)
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    Same to you dano!
  • Matt45Matt45 Member Posts: 3,185
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    X2 Back atcha! And to everyone else Happy New Year!!!!!(Remember- cheer and clap x-tra loud for your local pyro when they are done with the fireworks display, We live for audience response!!!)
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    And an excellent AND SAFE New Year's to you as well, Dano, and to you, Dano too. Keep yer head down, shoot back while they're reloading.Matt45, glad to see THEY were unsuccessful in sucking your brain out thru your ear. Are you a full time pyro? I helped out one of the local companies a few times, planting and stuffing the guns. Nothing like being 100' away when a 6" goes off and having stuff raining down on you.
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    Same to ya both!! (hope one of you is a designated driver)
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    I will be at work at 0545 CST, so I will have to celebrate New Year's on London time or at the latest Eastern time.Have a safe one.
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