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Feedback--Only "A's" and "F's"

competentonecompetentone Member Posts: 4,698 ✭✭✭
edited December 2002 in General Discussion
Have you ever noticed that people usually give "A's" or "F's" in the auctions? There seems to be a lack of "B's," "C's," or "D's".

I was just looking at the feedback on one seller; he had a good number of "A+'s", but mixed in with those were four or five "F's". When people weren't satisfied, they only left an "F"--one complaint was that the gun was advertised as "NIB" when it wasn't--or so the buyer claimed; other complaints were that the gun wouldn't work right, or was in poorer condition than described.

It seems that when people are dissatisfied, they are always REALLY dissatisfied. Has anybody else noticed this?


  • KnifecollectorKnifecollector Member Posts: 3,270 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    I agree, I wouldn't give an F unless I did not get an item I paid for. If a guy's got all A's I wouldn't want to tarnish his record by giving a B or C just because an item was slow about being shipped or wasn't quite as nice as described. Thanfully I haven't had to give a F yet.
  • nunnnunn Forums Admins, Member, Moderator Posts: 35,859 ******
    edited November -1
    eBay may have the better feedback system. It has to be either positive, negative, or neutral.

    Seems to me we have too many choices. I find myself only giving either an A+ or an F. A+ means you did what you said you would do. F means you did not.

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