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nunn, question on TCLEOSE

duckyducky Member Posts: 1,501 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited September 2005 in General Discussion
can I get my TCLEOSE certification before I apply for a department, or do I have to wait until I've gone through the hoops and got the job before I take the test?

there is a state-run TCLEOSE information website, but it's down and the other related websites all have the same requirements that just about most Texas agencies have for employment, so I'm a bit curious if I could take the test and get the certification before I consider which depts I'll be sending employment applications to. I understand their has to be a sponsorship or recommendation to allow me to take the test. Is that correct?



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    nunnnunn Forums Admins, Member, Moderator Posts: 36,037 ******
    edited November -1
    I think so, but I am not into the hiring/training end of things.

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