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"He Who......" My first giveaway anyone else?

MgderfMgderf Member Posts: 907 ✭✭
edited April 2009 in General Discussion
O.K. Here goes. I'm still relatively new to the forums and I don't really know "The Rules", but, since this is MY giveaway, it's going to be by MY rules!
My giveaway is a contest of sorts. I'm looking for the best "He who... " saying, joke, adage, whatever. I'll know the winner when I see it.
I'll let this run 'till the end of our country as we know it, or April 15th 2009, 12:37pm EST, whichever comes first.
Prizes will include, but not be limited to, "politically incorrect" bumper stickers, anti-U.N. buttons, two of my business cards,out-of-date newspaper ads for zip-code 47909, 3-1/2 plastic coated paper-clips, partial roll of PTFE tape, oh yeah, and some gun stuff.
Great start. I'll list some of the other stuff here a little at a time 'till the end.
1 Set Uncle Mike's Quick Detachable sling swivels for 1" slings(new)
1 NIB Ruger 10/22 Locking bar and lock
1 set (Used?) RCBS reloader special full length 2 die set 8mm Mauser
assorted NEW brass
1 locking aluminum case (not really a gun case, but could suffice)
1 pkg cotton cleaning patches 100 ct- 2-1/2" round (nice patches)
More to come
Gould & Goddrich leather belt-slide holster 801/92F
1/2 dozen Zeiss lens cloths (pre-moistened)
Sheffield multi-tool (generic Leatherman)
1/2 dozen carpenters pencils & sharpener
"Notice- Driver is Loaded" stickers
$2.00 nickles
We're not done yet, You guys are a hoot!
1 NEW 30 rnd AR15 mag (.223)
2 USED 20rnd HK/G3 mags(.308)
1 tablet "Post-It" note pad
I didn't realize how much fun this giveaway could be!
Here's some more, multiple entries are fine
1 pair small(pocket size) binoculars
1 Taurus security key
5-1/2 pairs foam ear-plugs
1 dozen size LSS 10 nickle plated snap-swivels


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