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I am too valuable to leave my building for training, but today I get the call that I have to leave the building to report for a mandatory random drug check. I just know with all the Italian food I eat i am gonna test positive for garlic and Romano cheese.


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    I've heard that things such as caffiene can make one test positive for other drugs, and would imagine other common substances can too.[B)]

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    When your peeing in the cup, its gonna hurt when you pass those chunks of Romano cheese and garlic.
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    Always ask for the quart mason jar so you don't have to stop when that little jar is full[:D][:D][}:)]
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    I drink coffee once in a while, mostly I drink water, lots of water. Another guy was in for a retest as his pee was diluted with too much water. [:0] I got there at 15:00 and had to sit in the waiting room until 17:15 to have my name called for the test. Geeze, three hours away from work just to pee in a cup.
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    I drink pickel juice[:0][:0][:o)][:o)]
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    After I fill the cup to the very top I put the lid on and then run water on the outside of the cup before I hand it in.[}:)]
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    i had to pass a p test before i started work where im at now, they gave me the tiniest little cup, and told me to fill it up to this line, it was about a quarter of the cup. And then i was going to finish in the toilet in there, but the toilet wasnt even connected to a water source, i should have just peed in there anyway!
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    they always love it when you overflow the cup
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    Always eat poppy seed muffins in the morning.......
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