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Urgent Prayer Request--Update

fishermanbenfishermanben Member Posts: 15,370
edited December 2007 in General Discussion
My sister's very soon to be exhusband might have found out the ruling on their divorce today.

He was supposed to pick up his kids today from my sister, and did not. My sister drove by, and his car was there. She knocked, and no answer.

My guess is, he has drank himself silly, and is having a diabetic reaction.

The police are there, and can hear his cell phone ringing, but he will not respond by answering the phone or the door.

I don't like this guy very much at all. I still don't wish him ill.

As soon as the police can make contact with the landlord, they are going to break in.

Say a prayer for him, for my nephews' sake...they don't deserve this.


The Police broke in. He was on the floor in diabetic shock. He's being taken to the hospital by ambulance right now. He was slightly responsive.

Thanks guys.



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