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(L) The Diversity Recession, or How Affirmative

kimikimi Member Posts: 44,741 ✭✭✭
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The Diversity Recession, or How Affirmative Action Helped Cause the Housing Crisis

More on the Politically Correct Bailouts:

Party's over for Fannie and Freddie
What's next?


  • COLTCOLT Member Posts: 12,637 ******
    edited November -1
    ...Weener Franks/SweetHeart Deal Dodd/Schumer...and countless others are in it up to their ears...backing Freddie/Fannie. These GSE's should be closed and the great social experiment ended, now. The aspect of "racism" kept the whimpy Repubs from pushing the issue in 05 when the above mentioned and Maxine Waters defended and cast Franklin Rains and the other crooks as doing GREAT, Jesus Christ!

    ...These Dims then attacked the damn AUDITOR who reported the fraud!!
    Oh well, the sky is not falling, the DIMS ARE to blame (if not name the Repubs (A repub!) THAT, involved, you cant), It's all Dim Political driven, Im sick of talkin' about it..Im even sicker of the GD dims getting on the TV and being their natural pompous *-selves and lieing thru their teeth..with ALL they said on VIDEO!!!!!!'s a bogus piece of legislation and the DA repubs (some) are falling for the BS...McCain too, pathetic.

    Bubba Bill even admitted the BIGGEST part the repibs played in all of this was not being vocal enough when they found this problem YEARS ago; root problem, DEMOTWITS.

    Today McCain said how HARD it was to be Bi-Partisan..BS, it's SPINELESS!!!!...note Liberalism.
    It's EASY to comprimise your values with the enemy (Bi-Partisanship) what IS hard is to stick to your values...[;)]

  • kimikimi Member Posts: 44,741 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Good post COLT, thank you.
    What's next?
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