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What did you do today.

wolfdog45wolfdog45 Member Posts: 584
edited January 2008 in General Discussion
I went over to my brother in law's this morning to go cave exploring out in a cave about a mile back on his land.
You have to crawl on your hands and knee's some of the way, and the rest of the way you have to crawl on your belly.
I took a couple good flashlights with me along with a spotlight.
I crawled around a corner and right there in front of me was a pile of poop and a lower jaw bone with teeth still in it that looked like a Raccoon or some small animal.
We crawled as far back as we could and there was a a blockage of mud that we couldn't get past and it would take forever to dig it out of the way.
I told him it was to small for my big butt to get through but if he wanted to try he could. He said no.
So we just looked around us and ended up finding some really well preserved Indian arrow heads. I love exploring caves.
I had a great new years eve day.
What did the rest of ya do today?


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