Bought me a Remington 700 Thats broke.

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The little plunger thing that kicks the emptys out is Stuck In and wont come out, Im talking about the bolt. Tryed tapping on it with a Flat punch, no luck Looks like their is a roll pin holding it in, Sure could use some advice before I take it apart. THANKS


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    That ejector is under some spring tension..control it when you remove the crosspin.Even if it appears stuck..do not 'look ' at it.Wear safety glasses..Kroil or penetrating oil will help remove it.

    Use a punch of proper size.

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    Soak it overnight in solvent, that would eliminate cleaning problem. That thingy is called an ejector if it's what I think you mean. It is a solid pin not a roll pin, and they should be readily available from Remington.
    Or, depending on the action you can just sell it to me for a custom! [;)]
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    chuck,, Probably a dirty or gummed up bolt! Did you get an owner's manual with it? If not, remove the bolt and place the protuberant(part of the bolt that sticks out the fartherest) on the edge of a solid countertop or hard surface. Pull down and then insert a dime into the slot on the bolt rear. Then unscrew the back of the bolt and then you will have the firing pin and spring in your hand and the bolt body will be clear for inspection. I would bet that the spring and plunger is rusty or gummed up and the extractor is is also! Soak it all overnite in a rust inhibitor, penetrating oil, and clean it off and reassemble. Probably will work fine! If not you may have a broken extractor.....see gunsmith!! GHD
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    This a link to e-gunparts which has an exploded veiw of that model
    maybe you could look at the parts and see how it all fits.
    Hope this helps
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    Is it a new or used gun?

    You may want to return it to where you bought it or contact Remington Customer Service.
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    THANKS, a bunch Guy's, It sure is nice to be able to ask Questions and get Info. beats being alone.
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