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gap1916gap1916 Member Posts: 4,977
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How many here like the AR180 or the AR180-B
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  • mark christianmark christian Forums Admins, Member, Moderator Posts: 24,511 ******
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    I've owned all three of the original production manufacturers (Armalite, Howa and Sterling) as well as an Armalite made dealer sales sample AR-18. The Armalite and Howa rifles were of very good quality but the Sterling made rifles were a cut or two below. The AR-18/180 were nice rifles, light weight and very simple using the typical long stroke gas action...not much to go wrong. On the other hand the sights were just so-so, the triggers were not all that great, and the side folding stock hinge was a weak point, although the folding stock did make the rifle very compact. Once upon a time nearly every AR-15 magazine was also cut on its body to fit the AR-180 but this is no longer the case and I have no clue as to the price and availabilty of spare magazines these days. Firing full automatic the AR-18 was very easy to shoot and keep on target and I liked the lower sight profile the AR-18 had rather then the high set sights in the M16 "suitcase handle". Using the factory 3-power scope (nearly indentical to the Colt unit but on a different mount) the AR-180 was pretty accurate. The problem was that although the AR-180 was intended to be a cheaper and simpler alternative to the AR-15 the list prices on either rifle were indentical for most of the AR-180's life span and the Colt was a superior made product. During the time I had my AR-18 sales sample I was never able to attract much interest with it for law enforcement purchases and the Armalite went the way of my Ruger AC-556 to another dealer so he could try his luck with it! I honestly know nothing at all about the new AR-180B so I'll leave that for others.

    Mark T. Christian
  • p3skykingp3skyking Member Posts: 25,750
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    I have a Howa made 180. There is a website on the net that give the history from inception to the present. Search Armalite AR18.

    Magazines are no problem and can be converted from any AR15/M16 magazine. A Dremel and a cut-off wheel is all that is needed.

    I have found it to be an excellent weapon with the original slow barrel twist. 55 grain slugs are deadly on soft targets (as was the case with the early AR15's).

    Accuracy is acceptable and functioning is outstanding. Never had a jam yet.

    The 180B's incorporate the best of the AR18 and AR15 with the exception of no folding stock. AR15 fire control componets and AR15 mags are used. I understand some individuals have had problems with the 180B's. I have no first hand knowledge of them though.

    Check the website for additional information.

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  • offerorofferor Member Posts: 9,168
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    quote:Originally posted by p3skyking
    The 180B's incorporate the best of the AR18 and AR15....I understand some individuals have had problems with the 180B's. I have no first hand knowledge of them though.

    The shortest explanation of the reason for the AR180B I ever heard was, "The 180B makes all the needed improvements to the 180." Apparently, some fans of the 180 had quibbles with it. Supposedly, the 180B encorporated the necessary improvements. A noble quest, at least, I guess.

    If the 180Bs work, some 180 fans should like them better, but if they don't.... [8D]

    The 180 always struck me as the AR for people who think the AR-15 is finicky. Which may be one reason why it doesn't have a larger market. Most popular interest in something is naturally going to focus on having a close copy of a classic. The fans of the AR naturally tend to like the M-16 system. Most people don't normally become loyal enthusiasts and then embrace a re-design.

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  • rotaxpowerrotaxpower Member Posts: 215 ✭✭✭
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    I have a AR-180B, I love it. Liveing in canada, its non restricted, so you can blast anything with it, works great
  • KEVD18KEVD18 Member Posts: 15,037
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    thanks for reminding me of probably the stupidest thing i've ever done. bout 6 months ago, i was offered a 180. pre-ban original. fantastic condition. folding stock. 4-40rd, 4-30rd mags. aksing less than 900 for it. decided against it. but eres the kicker. it was in mass. resale value at least 1500. been kicking myself ever since

  • tidemantideman Member Posts: 1,099 ✭✭✭✭
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    I like my 180B, also.

    It helps defend the porch REAL WELL, thank you.[:D]

    Tideman [Guardin' TEXAS]

  • boogerbooger Member Posts: 1,415 ✭✭✭
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    Texas? That looks like Bocephus guarding Paris, Tennessee.[8D]

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  • mateomasfeomateomasfeo Member Posts: 27,143
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    Hey Tide!

    You holding that Diet Coke hostage?




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  • kenneth and melissakenneth and melissa Member Posts: 1,043 ✭✭✭✭
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    No, not at all thats a family tradition [:D][:D]quote:Originally posted by booger
    Texas? That looks like Bocephus guarding Paris, Tennessee.[8D]

    Them ducks is wary.

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  • gap1916gap1916 Member Posts: 4,977
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    tideman, Did you have any probles with the AR180B to the point where you had to send it back to Armalite for repair? I have heard hot and cold about the B. I am thinking about one to add to my AR180 I already have.

    Former Marine
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