Eye Problem (????)

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It's quite a bit better now, but I woke up this morning and my left eye was stinging and watering. It was really bad, so bad I couldn't keep it open. I couldn't tell if I had something in it, or what was going on. There was no particular area that was irritated more than another, but man did it sting...and it didn't go away either. It was whole eyeball.

About the best way I can describe it is, it felt like how your eye feels when you get smoke in it, sort of burning/stinging, but about 3x worse and constant. I couldn't see anything in it, but I do think I retrieved a dog hair out of my eyelid. By the time leaving for work rolled around it was still so watery and sore I couldn't keep it open for longer than a few minutes so I stayed home waiting to see if it got better or worse.

Now some 10 hours later it feels quite a bit better, and I can keep it open, but it still hurts a little. It came on all of a sudden when I woke up.

What's up with that?


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