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Your worst Halloween?

pickenuppickenup Member Posts: 22,846 ✭✭✭✭
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Sitting here reflecting on past Halloweens, I was just wondering about the rest of you.

Some people do not remember every Halloween, They are pretty much the same. Get a costume on, go out, get a lot of candy, sick the next day.

But what was the worst Halloween you ever had? Some big kid take all your candy after you worked all night to get it? Froze your tail off because you could not wear a coat over the costum? Got a story?

Mine must have been when I was 9 or 10. My mom was visiting one of her friends that day. It was getting later and later and still no mom. Afraid that I would miss out on the best candy night of the YEAR, I took it upon myself to "walk" to her friends house. (it did not take all that long to get there, in a car) Even though it was quite a distance, I was sure that I knew the way. So, with the bravado of youth, off I went.

Lets just say that, what seems like a short distance in a car, is not the same, when one is walking. I did not go far enough down one road, turned too soon, got lost. (did you see that one coming?) Ended up at an ice cream store. He called the local men in blue. Back in those days the police did not take you into custody and charge your parents for a lost child. (as long as they could find the parents)

I am not sure how they found mom, but an ice cream cone or 2 or 6 later, she showed up. It was WELL after dark by then. Man was she pi$$ed. There was no trick or treating that night.

Come to think of it, that was the last time I remember going out on Halloween night, until I was much MUCH older. Hmmmmm...........

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  • paboogerpabooger Member Posts: 13,953
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    Blackie used to steal all my candy until this happened! We had this really grubby , disgusting family in town, I went to their house and they gave me a popcorn ball! When I got home ole Blackie started scarfing thru my candy bag as usual! He spied that popcorn ball and quickly devoured it! When I told him where it came from he about puked!!! Never bothered my candy again!!![:D]
    Ain't that right Blackie??


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  • VarmintmistVarmintmist Member Posts: 1,074 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    At about 7 yrs old mom had made me a really neat skeletom costume and I was real hyped to go out. Didn't feel great that day but as a kid it didnt matter, it was halloween. The fever hit about 2 in the afternoon, hard, chickenpox. I was one sick pup, and I can still remember not being able to go.

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  • FrancFFrancF Member Posts: 35,278 ✭✭✭
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    about 10 years ago
    Was at my brothers house for a party, wife and I drove home about 10 pm. Got into the driveway, The truck is gone sliding glass window smashed The Gun cabinet was pryed open(now a safe), 1911 Gov. issue was gone, .44 ruger black hawk was gone and .44 redhawk was gone. They did not take any long guns. Turned out was 4 escaped Cons out of the youth athority
    that did it.

    Did get the truck back after 4 days, and my 1911 (wheeeew) after 6 months. The other guns were never recovered. The good part was AAA home owners Ins. replaced everything (Including a new 1911 colt) with no questions asked.

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  • muleymuley Member Posts: 1,715 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Shoot, you guys are lucky. My mom left my dad and us three boys when I was two years old. He never remarried and raised us by himself pretty far from town. He did'nt believe much in things like Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, so us boys were out of luck. So, I have never been trick or treating in my life. Until I had two boys of my own, that is. Also, I remember the only christmas present that I ever received was a Barlow pocketknife that my uncle gave to me once while passing thru town. Are you crying yet?
    It gets worse. My older brothers once told me that when I was very young, just after she left, a neighboring farmer brought us boys over some home made ice cream,(pa..I really did type ice cream), anyway, they say that when I took a bite I spit it out because I thought it was hot....I wasn't very familiar with those things. Anyway, I later vowed, when I got old and had kids, that I would never allow them to miss everything that I had and I kept my word. Now, you should have tears, in conclusion, the moral of the story is, you can't have a bad Halloween if you've never had one.....[:D][:D][:D]
  • FrancFFrancF Member Posts: 35,278 ✭✭✭
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    muley [:(][:(][:(][V]
    but I am glad your doing it for your kids [:D]

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  • bambihunterbambihunter Member Posts: 10,627 ✭✭✭
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    I didn't have many Halloweens either, but it was because we lived quite a ways out in the country when I was a kid. However, on a couple occasions I went and stayed with a friend so I could go. My worst one was when I was a teenager and realized I was getting too old to go. [:(!]
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  • timbromantimbroman Member Posts: 1,164
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    Well I have two that come to mind. When I was 13 my folks went to an adult costume party and left me home to look after my 4-year old sister and pass out candy and popcorn to the kids. That stayed with me for a while.
    The other was when I was twenty and in college Halloween was on a Saturday and a fraternity brother was married in the evening. I was his best man and we were over a half hour late driving to the church in an my older VW what with all the kids and parents in the streets. We got a rousing applause when we finally got to the church but the bride's Mom ma
    y still be angry at me over that night.

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  • idsman75idsman75 Member Posts: 14,524
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    Mom and dad always took me and my brother to church. I always liked church....especially evening services. I never went trick-or-treating but I still enjoyed myself and mom always took extra candy home from work. She worked in a bank so they always kept lots on hand during Halloween.
  • cowdoccowdoc Member Posts: 5,845 ✭✭✭
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    worst was when i was kid in the 1970s we had a blizzard on halloween so didnt get to trick or treat.
    i'll also add the best halloween was when i was just out of school, for few years me and the guys would get together an go * hunting,anyways one year my friend brought his dads old dodge car...we decided that would be ideal to go hunting in because there was seven of us going..well we decided we need to run to town and get something to drink amd eat well
    low and behold the kids in town had taken some pretty big pumpkins and set them in the middle of mainstreet [}:)][}:)] well we took a pass down main street and turned the car around all looked at each other and smiled
    i put the car to the floor and hit all them pumpkins at about 50 mph, man there was chunks of pumpkin and pumpkin gut flying everywhere[:D][:D] we then got back to hunting, we never seen one * all night and man we took that car where you would'nt dare drive a 4wd pickup lol ....we didnt ever get to take the car hunting ever again,my friends dad was pissed the next morning when he seen the car pumpkin chunks all over it corn,sunflower stalks and sudangrass stuck in every place a stalk could get rammed into it.
  • leadlead Member Posts: 2,513 ✭✭
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    I'm old enough to remember going around in my small hometown, with my little sister in tow, and going to any house we saw that had a porch light on. We liked the old folks, especially a couple of ladies who were from Italy. They always made a fuss and would load us up with sweets. My worst was just about 5 years ago. It was raining, I was driving home from work and a car ran a stop sign right in front of me. Of course it was a kid with no license, no insurance, and there was no cop around. His dad came out, made lots of promises, then they all moved away, never to be seen again. I had $1800 worth of damages I had to swallow.

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  • cheezecheeze Member Posts: 815 ✭✭✭✭
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    Last night I drank waaaay too many keystones and I feel reeeeaaally bad after 5 hours of sleep and now I have to get on a plane for 6 hours. I had a great time last night but now that I'm sitting here I have to say it is/was the worst halloween ever.

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  • nunnnunn Forums Admins, Member, Moderator Posts: 35,712 ******
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    My worst was when I was 13. I went out trick-or-treating as usual and ran into a group of kids from school, just sort of hanging out. They ridiculed me for doing something little kids do. So I quit, peer pressure being what it is.

    My son is 16 and went trick-or-treating with some friends his age. They got a lot of candy. He went as Shaggy from Scooby Doo, taking advantage of the fact that he already resembles the character. All he had to do was let his chin whiskers grow, put on a t-shirt and go.

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  • EVILDR235EVILDR235 Member Posts: 4,847
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    My worst Halloween was in 1967.I was riding around with two friends in a 1959 Ford car.I was sitting in the front seat in the middle.A 1962 red Chevy Impala pulled along side us and just stayed there.I leaned around my pudgey friend to see what the car next to us was doing,when the passenger door glass exploded in my face.My friends took me to the hospital about a half mile away.Well after 5 weeks and surgery three times on my left eye i got to go home.After about 25 years i developed glaucoma in the same eye.I guess i am very lucky i did not lose both eyes.The window on the 59 Ford was rolled up that night because it was cold out that night.There was a quarter size hole in the lamanated glass.The people that did this were never caught by the police.Years later i heard the perps were using a slingshot with marbles to shoot at cars.I know for sure two of the four people that did this are no longer living.One died of a drug-booze overdose.The second tried to burn a member of a biker gang on a drug deal and was stabbed to death.The brother of the second perp and also a perp in this was shot five times by a angry father,but lived location unknown.And the forth perps location is also unknown.Not my favorite holliday,

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