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EVILDR235EVILDR235 Member Posts: 4,847
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Anybody here have Glaucoma.I have it in My left eye from a accident I had 35 years ago.It flared up on Me Saturday and I go to the Doctor tomorrow.I am out of medicine and look like I have a red golfball stuck in My head.It is very painful and making My whole head throb.Anybody got any ideas what to do for the pain.Thanks,

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  • GotdeereGotdeere Member Posts: 293 ✭✭✭
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    I know that from some football injuries in High school that putting a cold compress would help heal it. But as far as Glaucoma I dunno. I thought glaucoma was serious enough that most opthomoligist saw those patients fairly quickly or at least as a walk in.
  • madmarc0madmarc0 Member Posts: 862 ✭✭✭✭
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    They say that marajuana helps, maybe you could get a perscription from your Dr. If your state allows it and you smoke.
  • SilverBoxSilverBox Member Posts: 2,347
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    This guy can't be serious.. Man you should toke up some doobage.. Smokka the ganja.. Burn a big ol fattie...

    ***Disclaimer: I only suggest this purely in the hypothetical sense.. Possesion of Marijuana is illegal, even if your state allows it the Feds do not.***

    Dude get you a big ol hooka style bong and a bag of KGB (Killer Green Bud) and smokka that pain away....
  • SilverBoxSilverBox Member Posts: 2,347
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  • stanmanstanman Member Posts: 3,052
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    If I was in constant pain and pot was the only thing that helped control it, I would get myself one of those hippie earrings, grow a ponytail, buy some Birkenstocks, a big old hooka pipe and make myself comfortable!
    If it helps, I say "GO FOR IT!!"
    Some people forget that most pain meds are drugs that were once illegal.

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  • bambihunterbambihunter Member Posts: 10,627 ✭✭✭
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    I have had real good luck with hydrocode, percocet, OxyIR, then OxyContin (strengths in that order). Just depends on how bad it is, whether it is all the time and strong or if you just need a little.
    OxyContin work well for pain and also acts like a muscle relaxor it usually lasts 12 hours each. OxyIR works fast and last around 3 - 4 hours depending on your pain. If it is so bad you can deal with it go to the ER and get a morphine shot.
    I recently had a major back problem and it got worse and worse until finally one night I ended up collapsing on the floor. My wife came in and gave me double the dosage of my pain meds and still couldn't get off the floor. We finally had to call the ambulance. I went to the hospital and after 25 milligrams of morhine, some valiium, and a muscle relaxor I was finally able to go home. I slept about 18 hours, but it did greatly help.

    If you are that much pain make sure your doctor knows it and isn't afraid to do something about it. Many are afraid to write the aggressive pain meds, but I refuse to hurt that much just because they won't give me something to relieve it.
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  • n/an/a Member Posts: 168,427
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    It is true that pot relieves the pain .... It was legalized in Canada for that purpose and for use for cancer patients, glaucoma.. etc and to aid those suffering from a muscular disease.....
    You do not get high with the prescription pot....that ingredient was taken out...but it stops the pain...also allows cancer patients to eat....relaxes the muscles of those with muscular disorders allowing them movement.....Talk to your dr.....see if its legal where you are....and get it... There are many, many reports done on the benefits of pot for glaucoma, cancer etc....


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  • BlueTicBlueTic Member Posts: 4,072
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    Duuude - your gettin a bong.........

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  • EVILDR235EVILDR235 Member Posts: 4,847
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    Thanks for all of the replys.I went to the eye Doctor today.He has givin Me 4 types of eye drops to take to reduce the pressure and redness.The Doc tells Me I will need to take medicine for the rest of My life.I had quit using it for about two years,dumb ole Me.Thanks again,

    Two types of people drive old cars.Rich people because they want to and poor people because they have to.
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