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3 days of pure he!!, and it is not over!

jjmitchell60jjmitchell60 Member Posts: 3,887
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Wed. I tried to fix a toilet that was leaking in our second bathroom, my throne room to be exact! After replacing all parts and gaskets i had one outside leak that would not quit. Before it was leaking down the flush valve hole but now it was leaking onto the floor! Had my ol lady bring in some silicone in when she got off work at Wally World at 11 PM and stayed up till 2 AM sealing all the gaskets with silicone. Well on Thur. I had to let it dry so I went to my farm in an adjoining county to sow some red clover. This farm was the one I bought last Feb, 2003, and has been in the family continously since 1848! Got over there and the farm drive, way which has been in place I know for 44 years but probably since the late 1800s and maybe even the original driveway in 1848, had a 2 foot wide by 3 foot deep ditch cut right across it! What the he!! was the first words out of my mouth then I saw where the County Road Dept was doing ditching. I called the Judge Executive of the County, a big * wipe by the way, who told me as of Jan. 2004 they enacted an ordinance that if water was a problem with a drive way, the land owner had to pay to put in a culvert by the County and the cost was between $2000 and $4000 dollars! I went ballistic to say the least, before Jan. 2004 the County put them in for free as part of their job. I asked him how long the water had been a problem and he answered every time it rains. I said no what I want to know is how long has that been a problem to which he answered ever since the drive way has been there! That is 100 years at least so I asked him why did the County wait till now to try and fix it? Why didn't they fix it years ago when it was free instead of waiting till it cost me up to $4000? Well he hem-hawed around till I told him I would see him in court! Well when I got up this mourning I found my sink faucet would not shut off as well so I had to fix that, finish the toilet, and then I have been on the phone all day with government officials in the State Capitol. Seems I have him over a barrel when I went to get a copy of the ordinance. It does not state a thing about existing drive ways but addresses new drive ways! All I have to do now is hire a lawyer and take the County to court, yes more money! I am hopeing the State Attorney General's office gets involved since it is an illegal ordinance according to the AG office. Man what a 3 days of he!! and like I stated it is not over till I get access to my farm! Some politicans need to be drafted and sent to Iraq as human shields for our troops. That SOB of a County Official is one that needs to be in Iraq. Sure glad I do not live in that county! Next election in 2 years I will allow anyone running against that butt wipe to put all the signs they want along the road on my farm. I have 1/4 mile of road frontage on both sides of the road!

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  • bsallybsally Member Posts: 3,165
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    Good grief[}:)]

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    hi there jjm-60.....think you need to get red green to fix your plumbing..hear he can do wonders with duct tape & silicone....probably take care of county govt problems equally as well...get in big brothers face & stay there till it dawns that he should never screw with you again....let us know
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    jj sounds like you need a day at the range[;)]

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