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Well guys, I turned 65 this year and have bought a lot of guns over the years; now I have a few but there are a couple I`ve always wanted but never enough to bite the bullet and get them. One is the Marlin 39; the other is browning auto 22. I never thought some of the gun makers would go the way that they have, the winchster 9422 is gone, colt cobra, detective etc I`m afraid one of these may be discontinued and be priced out of reach. So, considering lasting value, pride of ownership, fun to shoot, chance of discontinuation, and anything else you can think of, if it was you, which would you pick?


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    Both.... you only live once, and you can't take 'em with ya...
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    Get the 39 , your grandkids will thank you[:D][:D]
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    Have both the Marlin 39 and the Winchester 9422. I got the Marlin 39 when I was a youngster and the 9422 shortly after it was introduced. I prefer the 39 over the 9422 by far.......[:)][:)] It just feels better mechanically and is more accurate. No scopes on either. That is a sin. [}:)][;)]
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    Do some research on the Marlin 39 to learn about the many variations throughout its history. I like and enjoy my Golden 39AS that I bought new about 9 years ago, but, I find the safety awkward and redundant. The wood and finish on this rifle is beautiful. If not for my pre-64 Winchester 22 wants, I could easily get into the Marlin 39s.

    Congratulations on reaching 65. Enjoy whichever rifle you choose.
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    Of the ones you have listed, I'd probably go with the Marlin Model 39, but would look for an older one. I used to have an early octagon barrel Model 39 and it was a nice little gun, very smooth and accurate. However, my preference for a 22 rifle is a Winchester Model 75 Sporter bolt action. When introduced it was touted as the "poor man's" Model 52 and it is a high quality gun.

    Congratulations on making it to 65[8D]; I made it to 62 in October.[:)]

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    I have both a 9422 and 39 and no desire for a Browning. My taste would run to a Kimber these days.
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