Getting out of the stock market

walliewallie Member Posts: 12,171
edited November 2011 in General Discussion
Yep, I can't take it any more
My doctor said it's time to get out
I went to see my Psychiatrist and he said I'm under a lot of stress
He told me to get out of the stock market
He asked me if I had any hobbies
I said I go to the night clubs and dance, to the casino and gamble, I go on research trips looking for treasures, I'm very active, I always have my laptop with me.
He asked me if I have any friends and I said, O! yes
He said who?
My dancing friends, and every body likes me on GunBrokers
He asked me if I have any enemies?
I said one
Last week my dog bit me and I don't know why
I think he thought I was a prowler because I was staggering coming home one night.

Well Monday I'll be out of the stock market and I feel better already


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