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Who was it here who said that the minister who was killed in Slemer, Tennesse by his wife was probably either a pervert or cheating on his wife? Turns out, they just had an argument over money and she killed him. No other reason.

We shouldn't jump to conclusions before we know the facts, and this is a good lesson.

The story is here.




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    quote:Originally posted by dheffley
    We shouldn't jump to conclusions before we know the facts, and this is a good lesson.

    Then how would we get any exercise? Don
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    Well, that's true, indeed, but good luck changing such tendencies around here. The NATURE wars against the SPIRIT, and human nature thinks the worst of every possibility and jumps to conclusions in an attempt to savor the attention one gets from bearing shocking news!
    All the non-believers and feminists just couldn't wait to find out that a preacher was a child-raper and a mother-beater. THAT JUST HAD TO BE IT!!!! It seems it turns out the Mother was a little materialistic, huh?[:0][:D]
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    DHEFF: People assume the worse senerio as it is more often the case than not.[:0]
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    The devil made her do it.[}:)]

    I'm sure many folks in Tennessee have seen him walking about and will testify to it.[xx(]
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    Why don't we just wait for the trial and let Nancy Grace tell us all about it? Could it possibly be that Fox news might be wrong? Tom
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