Winchester Hi-Wall.

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Went to a little local gun show yesterday, talked with a man selling out his 'excess' gunstuff...he sold several rifles and 'stuff' while I looked over his wares.

He told me he had an old drop=block single shot action at home....50 cal or something...he had a barrel there that he said fit it, and the barrel was rough as a cob, for a trapdoor.
I didn't expect much.....

Went back today looking for the parts action.
Glanced in a box he had on the table, and went weak in the knees...there lay a nearly pristene Winchester Hi-Wall action...complete less the main spring....close-set double set triggers....I started shaking like the dog from the peach orchard
....and grabbed like I was 18 and that was...ah, well....
Action was built in 1896..and looks like it has never been touched by a buffing wheel and some ham-* 'gunsmith' at all... Oh, Joy to the World !!!

A GREAT New Years to ME.....Now, what to build, WHAT TO BUILD....decisions, decisions...


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