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wifes oldest and family did a job transfer and bought a place just south of our lake house...wanted to redo the roof and contacted roofers in the area for a tear off, resheet and shingle...told them if they would do it this weekend he would pay them in cash...5 guys down there now and boss just showed up....NO STRIKING HERE...you PAY...we WORK...should do it all in one day..we came down this morning and I just finished mowing our place....overcast and though it is humid it is about 90..better than the two days of 103 sun at home


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    neighbor here at lake has been going to pay his kids to shingle his house by us here since May (yeah sure, no show)....he went down to see the roofing boss and was told they could stay overnight at next town motel & come and do his place tomorrow...shingles and everything are sitting in at the local lumber yard paid for...now he has a quick decision to make ????....NO STRIKE...you PAY...we WORK
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