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I made it!

will270winwill270win Member Posts: 4,845
edited December 2002 in General Discussion
well i got here two days ago,..the drive from central texas to this part of pa was a nice one,..gas wasnt too bad at the truck stops,..

but one thing i gotta ask all the pa guys on here,......

is there a shooting range near the potsville, frackville, pine grove area? maybe a good gunstore to check out?

ohh almost forgot,.... the weather is soooo much nicer here,..i actually cant wait to get out of the house and do stuff,..unlike ft.hood where me and girlfriend would fight over whos turn it was to get the mail.



  • will270winwill270win Member Posts: 4,845
    edited November -1
    Finally...and have nothing to say. [:D]

    Taxation WITH representation isn't so hot, either!
  • will270winwill270win Member Posts: 4,845
    edited November -1
    I am finally in rock springs, wy


    It was 1565 miles total one way, man what a drive... I have three words for Nebraska, HOLD YOUR BREATH! the whole state smells like foul urine I guess it is all the cattle. Another thing about nebraska that really pissed me off, is the gas stations practice false advertising thier signs will say 2.99 a gallon regular unleaded and the station across the street will say 3.15 a gallon, which station do you go to? Ye I went to the cheaper one too only to find out that their regular unleaded is really 3.34 a gallon, if you want 2.99 a gallon you have to get E10 gas... this is false advertising and I have not seen this practice in any other state, SHAME ON YOU NEBRASKA!
  • will270winwill270win Member Posts: 4,845
    edited November -1
    I finally made it to Pensacola after being delayed forever in DFW yesterday. Now, to find that pesky luggage.

    DELTA=Doesn't Ever Leave The Airport

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  • will270winwill270win Member Posts: 4,845
    edited November -1
    Well after many days of gunbroker withdrawalls and many hours spent driving a U-haul cross country, I finally made it to Pensacola. Now I just have to unpack, set up the new place, and then I'll be headed up to Wa. D.C. to visit my older brother. So what'd I miss?


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