Ruger Single Six and Blackhawk Convertibles

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I stopped in to a store today and looked at both the Ruger 22LR/22WMR Single Six and the Blackhawk .357/9mm SA revolvers.

I tried both and noticed that after each of the hammers fell, whenever I released the trigger on either, there was an unusual but identical clicking noise and feel in the trigger of each. The guy in the store said it was because of the single action.

Does anyone know if that's true? Are these SA revolvers supposed to do that?


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    I have both a .30 cal and .44 cal SA Blackhawk, but I can't remember for sure if they "Click". I think they do, but don't quote me. Not sure if it is because of the SA or not.
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    Was there one click, or two.

    My Blackhawk and Single Six "new models" both have 2 clicks.
    The "old model" Single Six "3 screw" does not click.
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