breaking patriot act news!

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(This is fake... I'm bored and feeling "creative"[:)])
The Patriot Act was seen in full force today when a man was arrested and held on charges of terrorism when agents raided his house and found several terrorist related items. Upon inspection of the bathroom a plastic device with 3 small blades was found near the sink. "The device said Mach 3 on it", said one officer, "We're not taking any chances with this thing". Other items found in the bathroom include a tube of white paste which is currently being tested for plastic explosives, and a small bottle with a partially torn label on which "Af-er S--ve" could be seen. "We don't know what this is, initial tests show that it produces a cool burning sensation when applied to the skin", a nearby agent said "Who knows how many lives we just saved by taking this out of his hands?!" One of the most shocking discoveries took place in the kitchen, where experts found a box on the counter which apparently heated things up when they were placed in it. "I think we really underestimated these guys, their technology is very advanced! I don't know how this device is able to heat things up when items are placed in it... without a visible flame or heat source! Who knows what this sicko was planning.", commented an agent. Another discovery sent agents and police scrambling for cover. This discovery took place in the garage. Some sort or terrorist machine was found. "One of the new guys was fooling around with it and pulled the cord on the side of it, that's when a blade started spinning around in a circular motion underneath the device. We didn't know what type of artificial intelligence terrorist machine we were dealing with, so we opened fire on it and took it out," said the police captain. The pieces of the device are being collected for further analysis. We will continue to bring you updates on this developing story.

I hope you haven't lost too many brain cells after reading this story which took me 2 minutes to write. [:D]


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    Hehhehe......well done, and not too far from the truth!



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    The one thing that glares out about this, that is TOTALLY wrong..is..that you would NEVER even know that it happened. No news people, no family, no lawyers, NObody to tell the tale. He would simply disappear from the face of the planet. The rest seems plausible to me. [}:)] [;)] [:D]

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