GBers Clay Busting Team!

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Tools had mentioned a neighbor that was a shotgunner and apparently always walked away the winner at some clay shooting event or another. I thought it would be funny if Tools challenged him to a team meet and got a few of us that are so inclined to be his team mates. "Ringers", I believe is the term that I'm looking for. I'd love to do it if for no other reason than to see the look on the guys face and maybe get a photo out of it for my wall. Ofcourse a few side bets wouldn't hurt either. We had the makings for a very good squad at the appliance shoot.

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    I wanna play, I wanna play (jumping up and down and waving his hands).

    The clutch assembly on my sportrap is out for replacement [V].

    I'll have it back soon [:D].

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    Too bad Greenland is so far away...

    Took second place in Denmark at Doubles in the variant where the claytargets are thrown towards you (can't recall what they're called in english) - we had 6 shoot-outs, where we stood about 2 meters closer towards the shed each time.
    Ended up in half the usual length of a normal Claytarget-course at that variant.

    Took third place in "Duck"-claytargets and third in Hunters-Trap.

    We were about 80 hunters/claytargeters in all.

    9 different types of claytargets were thrown - I believe about 260 claytargets for each competitor - one shot per claytarget.

    Don't do anything that I've allready done - That'd be just plain STOOOOOOPID.
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    Them birds are actually easier coming out of a machine than the way we were hand throwing. You can shoot the 20 Browning next time.
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    I vote to put Shooter4 on the team, but only if he brings his buddy Joe, haha.



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