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NjRetcop???? Hey Charlie

paboogerpabooger Member Posts: 13,953
edited November 2002 in General Discussion
Hey man you didn't respond to the Northern Division of the RRG Post.
Heck man I got a volunteer with machine gun experience, we need you and the Hudson! I thought maybe we could mount the Machine gun on the hood! Step up man we need ya!

"Can any body point me in the direction of the bathroom, I really gotta go "


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    njretcopnjretcop Member Posts: 7,975
    edited November -1
    PA, I'm trying to get a transfer from the Southern division. I'm soooooo popular, ya know, lol.

    As for mounting a machine gun on the Hudson, you can put it right next to the cannon.

    Years ago a little old lady who lived near us and also drove a Hudson had an accident. The National Guard in town was driving three of their tanks around town (in those days you could) and hit the lady in the Hudson. I'll never forget, she got outta her car, shook her umbrella at the tank, looked at the minor damage on her car, then got back in and drove away.................the tank had to be towed, hahahaha


    "It's the stuff dreams are made of Angel"NRA Certified Firearms InstructorMember: GOA, RKBA, NJSPBA, NJ area rep for the 2ndAMPD.
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