Greyhound bus attack

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Heard about this? Guy just felt like hacking somebody up.

Related article:

OTTAWA - A day after a man was beheaded in a gruesome attack on a Greyhound bus in Manitoba, a spokesman for the company said it would be next to impossible to have airport-style safety precautions - such as metal detectors - on rural bus routes.

"The rural nature of our network doesn't allow us to have airport-style security," said Greyhound spokesman Eric Wesley. "It doesn't make it practical for us to do that."

Wesley said the company already had been working with Transport Canada to implement extra security measures for intercity buses.

That was before the horrific incident Wednesday night that saw a passenger on a bus travelling near Portage la Prairie, Man., stab and behead another man in an apparently random attack.


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    Good thing canadians are too "civilized" to carry a firearm for self defense.
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    It drives me crazy how most people expect someone else to look after their security.
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    what a pity the victims family cant sue the government there for failing in their duty of care to protect the victims safety!
    i`m serious about this! if people aren`t allowed to be armed to defend themselves then that means governments take over responsability for peoples safety, so if they fail to protect people they should be held accountable![:(!]

    many is the time i have wished i was a millionaire so i could take my stinking dictators to our high court(highest court in the land here, they can overrule government legislation)to challenge our gun laws, and our laws that stricktly forbid anyone from possessing anything with the reason for possesing it as "self defence"![:(!][:(!]
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    No information has been released about the attacker for political correctness reasons.

    No doubt hunting knives will now be banned in Kanada.
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