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Hey, Spudshot, I got a few technical questions

badwrenchbadwrench Member Posts: 1,000 ✭✭✭✭
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First of all, I want to say I really dig your air cannons. Really impressive what just plain old air can do when subjected to high pressure[:D]

I was checking out your picture gallery and saw the air compressor you built. Really cool. I was wondering how much pressure you can get from it? Are you using any kind of regulator? Are you using a pressure tank? How is the piston lubricated? It just so happens I may be coming into posession of a soon-to-be-defunct industrial engine (it's OHV 4-stroke, but I think I can adapt it) and I've been wanting, but can't afford, a compressor.

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  • spudshotspudshot Member Posts: 136 ✭✭✭
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    well, that one is a 2 stroke lawnmower engine, and as of now i still dont have a check valve for the final compressor. i plan on using some sheet metal to cover up the exhaust port, but i'll tap a hole in it for pipe threads so i can put a plug in, but open it up to add oil. my grandpa is building a compressor from a 4 stroke, so i'll have to wait till he's done to see what needs to be done. my compressor was extremely easy to put together, the only P.I.T.A. was getting the ceramic out of the spark plug so i could tap it for 1/8" NPT. i ended up chiseling it out for over an hour, and when the threads got crossed, i decided to try again, but this time i took a hacksaw and cut right below the hex part of the plug, the whole ceramic just lifted out, thats your easiest bet.
    i'm using a 1hp motor i got at a farmer's market for 5 bucks, with a smaller test compressor a 1/4hp motor got us only to 55psi, so you'll need a fairly strong motor. hopefully my 1hp can drive it to 100.
    i am using a pressure tank, a 15 gallon tank (another farmer's market find) i have a regulator mounted on the outlet port, but i need to find a pressure switch to shut off the compressor when i get to 100 psi.
  • Warpig883Warpig883 Member Posts: 6,459
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    I know a guy who built one using motors from 2 Chevy Vegas. One ran and drove the other that was plumbed as an air compressor.

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