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jujujuju Member Posts: 6,321
edited May 2004 in General Discussion
OK since we are getting close to wrapping up the benefit auctiona nd donations and will soon be distributing the final funds to those who need help and I promised to give away a firearm to a winner selected from amongst those that either contirbuted and item/cash or bid on the auction I need to get it started.

This is how its gonna work:

If you either bid on an item in the auction or donated and item or cash for this benefit you will need to respond to this thread indicating that you want to be included.

I have a list of all who bid/contributed and will check the names against that list. If your name is not on the list you will be escluded, if you do not respond to this thread you will be excluded.

For the folks who contributed and wish to remain annon simply e-mail me if you want to be included in the drawing for the firearm.
Your name will be kept confidential and if you win you can decide if you want to inform the others.

The winner will be selected sometime in mid-may, I will psot an exact date when I get settled down from all this other stuff.

The winner will need to call me at the pawnshop on a saturday ( I will give the winner the number), then will on the phone he/she can decide which gun they want , the gun must be selected from what is available in the shop at that time with a value up to 400 dollars.
I will pay shipping to your FFL.
Please be prepared to make your decision at the time of the call.
I will do my best to answer any and all questions you may have about any firearm in the shop.

OK, any questions, post them here and I will address them here.


JuJu(who hopes this helps show my appreciation for all that you have done is making the benefit a success)


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