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With solid support from NRA-ILA, Illinois has enacted the Hunting Heritage Protection Act into law, safeguarding the state's public hunting land. The Act mandates that state public land management actions should result in no net loss of land available for hunting. It also instructs the Director of Natural Resources to submit an annual report citing the areas closed to hunting and the areas opened to compensate for the loss.

"The Hunting Heritage Protection Act ensures there will never be any less public hunting land than there is today in Illinois," said NRA-ILA's Chris W. Cox. "NRA applauds the Legislature, especially bill sponsors Senator John O. Jones (R-54) and Representative William J. Grunloh (D-108), for their decisive action to protect hunters' rights.

"Anti-hunting groups have long fought to dismantle public hunting land in an effort to eradicate America's sporting heritage," added Cox. "This law guarantees that the hunters of tomorrow will enjoy the traditions and learn the skills their fathers and grandfathers mastered in the woods of Illinois."

NRA has successfully worked to enact a number of pro-hunting measures this year, including establishing dove hunting in Minnesota and Michigan, and placing a "Freedom to Hunt and Fish" Amendment on the Louisiana ballot.

"Hunting is a fundamental element of conservation and a vital asset to the economy. Saving this important heritage not only benefits sportsmen and the environment, but business owners as well. This is why NRA-ILA will continue to fight for similar hunting protection and conservation laws in all fifty states," concluded Cox.



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    Im always glad to see our hard earned $$ go to good use for conservation and other "USEFUL" things.....not new STOP sighns or something like that.I dont mind increasesin hunting licenses or stuff like that because i know its going to a good cause.A guy where i live in SC buys 3 of each years state and fed. duck stamps because he just wants to help in wildlife conservation.
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    gunnut505gunnut505 Member Posts: 10,290
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    Sorry to bring you down, but Illinois requires a Firearms Owners ID card just to buy ammo, and has some darned repressive laws concerning what a hunter can & cannot use to hunt with; when I used to spend my summers in Mt. Vernon or Olney or Carbondale hunting birds and plinking at cans, there were no restrictions on ownership/use of firearms/ammo, and I liked it just fine then.
    I'll just remind y'all what the Klinton folks did with the funds for wildlife that are paid for through the duck stamps-they were going on trips, remodeling USF&WS offices in D.C., trying to buy an island "to save the population of ducks", all 10 of them that were on the island, etc.
    It's good that Illinois' reps finally decided that enough encroachment has occurred on hunting lands, but they should have taken this step 25 years ago!

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