Who's in New Mexico?

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I'll be invading your state this week. Santa Fe area until sometime in January. Wondering about hunting that area while I'm there. I'll be bringing my coyote stuff but are there any birds to be had? Is it worth bringing some waterfowl stuff? How about upland?

I see that us lowlifes from Idaho can't be trusted to carry concealed. That's irritating to say the least.


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    He Dog's there, but he's such a nice guywe'll just have to forgive him for that. [^][:D]
    What's next?
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    I am about 2 1/2 hours northwest of santa fe.plenty of yotes up here and we been getting ducks off the animas river.also salmon snagging on navajo lake.shoot me a line at [email protected]
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    Me, not too close to Santa Fe, but it takes atleast an hour to get to the next town no matter where you're at.

    Quail season gonna start the middle of November go through to February.
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    Santa Fe BLOWS! That said; try the Santa Fe Brewing Company just off the freeway-live music, microbrews, great food, sweet wimmins, and hardly any politickin'!
    They also have a specialty: Killer chile/cheese appetizers!
    I'll be there Saturday, making more appetizers! Say hi to my Bro if I'm not there.
    This whole week, I'll be down in Reserve; watching Wapiti hunters harvest the tastiest animals around!
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