Remington 7400 stocks

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Does anyone make a pistol grip stock for the Remington 7400?

I've finally decided on what I'm buying myself in January after reserching comparing prices, but I want a composite pistol grip stock on it.

Somebody has to make one for LEO applications don't they?


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    Never seen one, never heard of one, and I don't think it would be worth the money to have one fabbed up. It would costs two or three times what the rifle is worth. If I'm wrong consider the 742 which is the carbine version in the 7400 bloodline.



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    Boy you would think someone would make one.

    Picture a Remington 7400 in 30-06 with a pistol grip stock, 10 round magazine, bipod, and a nice scope.

    They make a 7400 carbine with a shorter barrel also.

    Maybe I need to make a prototype and get someone in Taiwan to make me a few hundred....

    Anyone want to go in on an investment?
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    Somebody told me today the Remington shotgun pistol grip stock will likely be adaptable.
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    I've got a scoped 742 (carbine) in .30-06 with a couple 10 round mags to go with it. I never thought a conventional pistol grip would add much in terms of a proper hold, but to each his own. It's possible that a Choate stock for one of the shotguns could fit the Remington rifle stock.

    It might be nice to have a bipod in a handy pocket. There are some surplus M16 barrel-grabbing metal bipods turning up in the catalogs, and they don't cost much more than the cheap polymer versions. Of course, if you want a better bipod that mounts on the stock and folds when not in use, you'll pay more, but I'm not sure I would need to take it that far on a rifle like the 742.

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