Ridesharing, Uber and Lyft. Anyone use them?

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Been thinking about using Lyft, downloaded the app and am thinking about it instead of a traditional taxi.

I'm just a tad leery about getting into a strangers car, atleast a taxi is licensed and the Lyft drivers are not. Supposedly they are background checked but how do I know that?

Will my card be comprimised? There is no exchange of cash, payment is made via paypuke or credit/debit card.


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    Used Uber a couple of weeks ago for a ride to the airport. A retired gentleman picked me in a clean car and had a pleasant conversation on the ride too. Much cleaner than taxis and much cheaper than a limo.
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    Uber and lyft drivers may not be licensed but they are rated and dumped if the ratings are not up to par.

    Most are people looking to make an extra buck.

    You could probably do as bad with a licensed taxi driver. Its eems to be very popular with folks now.
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    Wife and daughter use Uber often w/o any problems.
    They also are armed[:)]
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    I recently used Uber on a trip to NYC, & it worked pretty well. (In NYC, the law permits taxi drivers whose DL is suspended to continue to drive.) Most rides with Uber are cheaper, but not all of their drivers are experienced; at least, the company tracks them with a satellite, so they can document the route taken (in case you think the driver took you the long way.)

    In NYC, ridesharing cars must be inspected & insured; that's not the case in most states. So, you take your chances.

    During "slow" parts of the day, you may not be able to get a ridesharing car to pick you up, so you need a back up plan.

    Not having to deal with money is great. But, be cautious in bad areas; after you request a ride, you must have your smart phone in your hand & constantly track your request.

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    Nope, never will. And I don't have no smart stupid phone to call or text or whatever contact 'em either.

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    The Boss used Uber to get to the opera in Tulsa while I was at the gun show. $5 and he drove her straight there. Happy camper.
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    The routes and fare is pre arranged. No suprises.

    Receipt is automatically emailed, tip optional (I always do).

    I have not had a bad experience. Unlike cabs that get paid by time and distance and the drivers are free to intoduce variables if they think they can get away with it.
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    Uber does not provide a way to tip electronically. If you want to tip, you give cash. Most don't. Lyft allows electronic tips; 60% do.

    Uber rates are based on time, distance traveled, & a variable rush hour surcharge. You don't know the cost until after the trip is completed.

    Uber recently cut the drivers % of the gross charge; I know several who dropped out because it was no longer profitable.

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