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Years ago i was given an old boat, i took it because of respect of the giver. I never did use the boat or take any papers to the DMV.
The guy that gave me the boat passed away and i gave the boat away.
The problem: I can not find the title to the boat or trailer to give to the new owner. He wants to use it and i can't find the papers.
I guess legally the boat must still be in the deceased name and his wife has since passed too. Ideas ?


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    are you sure the older boat needs a title? seems like they used to run off registration and bill of sale I just went through this a few years ago as a buyer. the grandson was selling me his deceased grandpas boat. the bill of sale I had was in his grandpas name there was no title.all I needed was the old registration and bill of sale
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    It may have never been registered . Go in and register as Home Built.
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    Answers are going to be state specific. I don't know your state.

    Does the boat have a serial or VIN number? Write it down and take it with you to the vehicle department.
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