Accurate .22 pistol

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I am looking for a new .22 pistol. I have a place to do some ground hog hunting in the spring. Problem is when they start coming out I am on my motorcycle so packing a rifle is not an option.

Here is what I am looking for;
Able to mount a scope since I plan on shooting out to about 100 yards
Able to mount a bipod
Able to be threaded for my silencer
Not semi auto (no Charger)
I would like the price to be reasonable but the above is more important

I have seen the "new" Chipmunk pistols which look nice and come in under $200

Someone suggested finding a Savage Striker. I found a couple in .22mag and 17HMR that were about $350 and seem like a good deal if I could find one in .22lr

Then there are the T/C guns that end up over $500 and quickly.

Any other thoughts, ideas or suggestions?


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