Renting out 1st home question

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Im looking to buy a new home soon. I think I can rent out my home quicker than selling it.

How will this go over as getting a loan for a new home? If rented out, will the income cover the debt ratio from keeping the 1st house.

I can get the new home no problem, but I worry about the debt/income ratio if I keep the first home also.


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    It's generally only viewed as stable income if you can show a rental contract when you apply for the loan. If you show rental income that is enough to cover your mortgage and upkeep, likely you'll be able to show it as offsetting your home mortgage payment.

    Likely any lender is going to want you to show that the rent has been coming in for some minimum period of months/years.
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    quote:Originally posted by dennisnielsen
    Way too much left unsaid


    What color is the house?

    .......Ask your banker.
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    I have rental properties and most of the time a bank will want to see 12 months of stable income from that property or your prior years tax return. I have found it's better to use a local bank, they seem to work with you better if they know you.
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    They factor in a lot of expenses for a rental and if your rent does not exceed PITI by 30-50% they consider it a LOSS. Insurance will go up if the dwelling is not owner occupied.
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    I think they count your new home as investment property and your interest rate will be higher? maybe not or the down payment higher
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    Renting out a property can be a very good thing for you if you do your homework and everything correctly. If not then it can be a nightmare. You need to talk with people in YOUR area that have experience and no motive to make money off you to get you up to speed on contracts, Federal law, and tenant screening etal.
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    Starting investment property is wise if you are cut out to be a landlord. The banks aren't going to look real difficult in that direction because they are looking at your net worth and equity in the old home. Explain the tax benefits to the banker of mortgage interest, taxes, depreciation, repairs, on the rental you will obtain. Good luck and go for it.
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