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SALT LAKE CITY - Call it the Great Salt Lake Beer Party.

Claiming he was a prime target of the beer tax bill that mostly Mormon state lawmakers passed last month, brewer Greg Schirf says he will assert his free-speech rights by pouring the first kegs of his new 1st Amendment Lager into Great Salt Lake.

On Thursday, Schirf says he'll dress up as founding father and notorious tippler Ben Franklin, and, in an updated version of the Boston Tea Party, protest taxation without representation.

"We're a brewery with a political agenda," Schirf said Friday. "We have a political statement to make, but we want to do it with a smile on our face."

The Wasatch Brewery owner and managing partner of the Utah Brewers Cooperative hopes tax bill sponsor Sen. Mike Waddoups will be listening.

Offended by Wasatch Brewery's billboard showing busty beer icon Provo Girl next to the caption, "Nice Cans," Waddoups promised to cite its "bad taste" during the bill debate.

"Our First Amendment rights were impacted because (he) told us to shut up or (he'd) come after us, and (he) did," Schirf said.

With the tax now $12.80 per barrel, Utah suds are among the most expensive in the nation. That's fine with Waddoups, who said Friday his main reason for the tax hike proposal was to continue funding the state's anti-drunk driving measures.

The Republican acknowledged Schirf's billboard was part of the equation. "I personally was more offended by that particular company than the whole industry," Waddoups said.

Where there is no vision,the people perish!


  • GotdeereGotdeere Member Posts: 293 ✭✭✭
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    I don't reckon they have Hooter's out there do they?
  • greeker375greeker375 Member Posts: 3,644
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    Utah is one strange state. My wife is from there, no not a mormon, but, when I visit every mormon it seems is trying to gt you to sign some form on anything. Turns out, if you do sign and put your address on it when you get home every missionary kid in your state visits you!

    It got to the point the only way I could get them to leave me alone was to tell them - I almost converted, but, when I found out you outlawed poligamy - you lost me!

    After that I ain't been bothered since.
  • The firearms consultantThe firearms consultant Member Posts: 716 ✭✭✭✭
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    You probably heard why you always take two or more Mormans with you when you go fishing.....
    If you only take one he will drink all your beer! John[:D]

    I might not always tell you the truth, but I will never lie to you!
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