Too buy or not to buy.

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Ok so here is a question for all those with good forsite, since I do not. I know there was a bit of a "shortage" of 7.62x39 for a while. I see most places have it in stock now. One of the ideas was it was all going to fill militay contracts. Another was that "exporters" were holding out on it to run up the price. Here is the $64,000 question, since I have lots on hand do I buy now to "stock up" or do I wait and see if it comes down again this summer? The rumor mill says that there will be lots more ammo avilable this summer. Again I have more then enough to shoot for sometime, but you can never have too much. What do you guys see the future holding.


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    I like to stick with tried and true!

    45 Acp and LC
    44 mag
    357 / 38
    Kinda hard to go wrong with those.
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    mines on backorder, another theory is that gun shops have been selling it to those that don't speak english
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    I have all those to except for the .45 LC. I have 4 guns now that shoot the 7.62x39 and am looking at one more. The nice thing about it was it was REAL cheep fun when I was buying it for under $75/1000. Now that is is pushing $120/1000 and rising the REAL cheep is being dosent fit anymore.
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    I would not worry, there are almost as many AK's in the US as in Iraq.
    And the price of 762x39 should stabilze around $119k around summer.
    Thats MHO
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