Info on saw needed

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OK tool folks, heres one for you. I have a bench top saw,
plate reads "Cost Cutter Saws", Model A, Serial Number XXXX,
C.B. Nelson & Co., Chicago USA. The 5 1/2" diameter blade is attached
to a solid mounted arbor, with three screws. The other end of the arbor has a grinding rock. There is a mitering scale attached to the table. The table is on v-slides. It is supposed to be some type of metal cutting saw. There isn't much room. The miter has instructions:
"advanced end gauge 2/3" of slugs thickness or: 6 pt. advandce 4 pts.
It has a 1/4 HP electric motor.

I have done a search, and cannot come up with any info. Will post a pic. when I find my camera.

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