Solar-Powered Outdoor Lighting

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Anybody use solar outdoor lighting?

Anybody have a good source?

I can get the cheapies at Wal*Mart, the ones that just light walkways, I think they are about $20 for four, and I found places online where the lighting is a lot more expensive.

I don't want to waste money on junk, nor do I want to pay too much.

I could use a few of the walkway lights, and a half dozen or so spotlights, and at least two that I could mount on the end of a piece of 2" conduit that sticks up out of my brick wall extensions.


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    The cheapies are garbage, they put out hardly ANY light. Try to find some with multiple LEDs in them, they will be brighter. Most of these rechargeable ones won't last more than a year or two, because the batteries just cook in the sun. I wouldn't bother with the solar powered ones. It is more expensive and more hassle, but I'd run wire to put some in.

    Merc (researched this about a year ago)
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    Check out the "Low Voltage" line at Lowes or Home Depot.[;)]
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    Don't but the $15-$20 cheapies!!! I bought one a few weeks ago and it sux!

    Look in the Cabela's catalog. They have a good setup with a decent size solar panel and spot lights for $70.

    I'm ordering that one sometime soon.
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    screw Cabelas for useing illegal aliens and killing America!
    try www.basspro.com
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    For three years I worked trying to utilize solar walkway lights. Every year, a new and different unit would be tried.

    The following were the results;
    Not much light
    Short battery life
    Light failure
    Internal contacts corroded

    A low voltage hard wired system is the way to go.
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    I was just over at a friends place ... he bought a whole bunch of the made in China "Solar Rocks" and I thought they looked kind of cool. Then I noticed that he put out about ten of them ... at $6.99 a pop ... and I got to wondering. Boy, kids in the neighbourhood could have fun collecting them and using them for lighting in their forts in the woods. And now I hear from this board that they are junk and don't last ... I think I'm going to steer clear of this fad![V]
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    I found some online that are of commercial grade, even solar street lights, but they are a bit pricey.
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    never seen any good ones yet, walmart !! he he he [:D]
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    I have some. They are more for "marking" a walkway than they are for "lighting" a walkway. If you keep that in mind, you'll get what you pay for. I got mine at the beginning of last summer, and they still work after being outside all winter.

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