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Crossfire 12 Gauge/223 Combo

sundownersundowner Member Posts: 1,198 ✭✭✭✭✭
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Simple question, are these things decent guns? Thanks...

". . . let me forget about today until tomorrow"


  • ElMuertoMonkeyElMuertoMonkey Member Posts: 12,898
    edited November -1
    I had an interest in this exact item and all I've ever heard is "Do not get one!"
    Supposedly they're heavy, unreliable, prone to breakage, and finding parts is like searching for the Holy Grail.
    Personally? I'm waiting until someone makes one that's semi-auto and doesn't suck.
  • rldowns3rldowns3 Member Posts: 6,096
    edited November -1
    Interesting piece of artillery. Looks like it'd be an excelent defensive weapon for the trunk of a patrol car or a "next to the matress" piece.
  • JudgeColtJudgeColt Member Posts: 1,802 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    Versions of this gun have been bouncing around for close to 20 years. The original was a semi-automatic with box magazines for both the .308 and 12-guage cartridges. Because of "Sporting Purpose" issues (supposedly), the operation was converted to a pump action. Both versions were displayed at several SHOT Shows (I have the brochures) and were very high quality, but never got into production as far as I know. (I placed an order for the semi-automatics, but, or course, never got one.)

    The current version did away with the box magazine for the 12-guage side, and reduced the rifle side to .223. The loss of the box magazine for the 12-guage ruined it for me. A tubular magazine for the shotgun side makes it the same as most shotguns, which is very slow to reload. The huge advantage of the box magazine is gone.

    After hearing how poorly the gun performs, I am glad I did not buy one. The original concept really appeals to me. Maybe after the Assault Weapons law sunsets, we will see it brought back.
  • sundownersundowner Member Posts: 1,198 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Thanks for the info, all!

    ". . . let me forget about today until tomorrow"
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