CMP Garands.

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I see all these DCMP Garands listed for sale on here for hugely inflated prices. I realize we are a society of capitalists, but buying a Garand from the CMP for $400 and then immediately turning around and selling it for $700-900 dollars kind of defeats the whole spirit of the DCM program.

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    The CMP is designed to put rifles in the hands of people who will use them to promote marksmanship. It's a pain in the butt to buy a rifle from the CMP unless you have an FFL or C&R. If you don't have a license you have to compete and send in a scored target. A lot of people who want a garand don't have the time or interest to compete just to buy a garand. Fortunately there's a secondary market to help these people who want a garand and are more then entitled to own one if they so choose.

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    I don't know where you got your info but I just bought one of the last US garands from the CMP and did NOT have to jump thru any hoops. I am not an FFL or C&R holder, all I did was call them on the phone download an order form send them a copy of my DL (and here in IL a copt of my FOID card) and it showed up at my door. I can now just fax the form to them and thats it. I don't know who tried to scare you into not buying one from them but I'd let them know how easy it was. You can do a search of the forums and see the one I bought, but sadly all they have are greek and danish for now.


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    It is easy to get a CMP Garand and you do not need to shoot in a match anymore.You just have to show you can operate a firearm safely, even a pistol. Go to any range with this downloadable form[http://www.odcmp.com/Forms/marksmanship.pdf] and have the rangemaster sign off on it.

    Join the Garand Collectors *. for $20-$25 a year and send proof of US citizenship(photocopy of B-certificate or passport)have the order form noterized $5 and choose what Grade you want.I just got my first M1 a Field Grade from them delivered to my door for $395.

    I am of the camp that if someone wants to order eight,the yearly maximum good as long as it gets into private hands even if it goes through a dealer because there will be a time when we will have a administration who will have them crushed so the sooner they get into the public and out of government hands the better.

    CMP selling them supports the shooting programs with the $375- $1200 the sell them for.

    Edited to add: There are enough US Springfield M1s to last a year at least (per CMP) they are however out of all USGI Service Grade and up, many thousands of Rack and Field grades. The greek M1s are USGI with all US parts except some may have eurowood or metal refinished by them.



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