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ben k green

spasmcreekspasmcreek Member Posts: 38,925
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author of several books on his adventures starting out at a young age trading horses, mules & other assorted livestock...its a real hoot reading about all the tricks pulled by buyers & sellers to top the deal....met an elderly gent in eureka, ks who has lived about the same & he told about seeing the best looking paint horse ever that he just had to have so he contacted the owner who took him out to this tall grass pasture & showed the horse and a deal was when eldon went to pick up the horse one hoof was half gone, healed ok, could walk good but was no use for anything more serious...said i was out my money but never bought another short hooved horse in tall grass.. lots of fun reading...enjoy


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    I liked the story he told about buying a horse that balked frequently, and one that would bolt and run away. He braided the lead of the balking horse into the tail of the run-away. By the time he got them home, they were both broken of their bad habits. The name of his first book is "Horse Tradin'". There were many more after it. Every single one worth the read.

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